Instant read thermometer?

ms_minnamouseNovember 2, 2008

Can you guys please recommend an instant read thermometer that's accurate, fast and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

I've tried the ones from the local super markets and they never are very accurate or very fast. Like for instance, the latest one I tried didn't even read up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit when my steak was medium well done already. It's supposed to be able to read up to 200 something degrees.

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Many of these thermometers can be calibrated. There is a nut on the back where the probe goes into the dial,put the thermometer into a glass of ice water,it should read about 34 degrees. See what temp. it is showing then loosen the nut with a pair of pliers and turn the dial until it reads 34 then re-tighten nut.

A restaurant supply store is usually the best place to but items such as this. The quality is better and the price lower.

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It has a nut but it's connected to the casing, I think. I didn't see any seam. It's also reading the room temperature correctly.

This one just seems to stop reading the temperature at about 120 degrees. It just stays at 120 without continuing to rise.

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Ok, I found it. I did calibrate it but then it wasn't reading the temperature of the room correctly. I'm waiting for my steak to be done to see if it works.

It took so long to read that I wasn't expecting it to get so hot that when I took it out of the steak, I got burnt... Anyways... My steak was rare but it read it at 152. The thing that came with it said that 145 is medium rare.

It stuck at 120 for a while when it was reading.

My conclusion is that I need to get yet another thermometer to try.

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