Indoor Electric Grill

triciaeNovember 9, 2005

I'm watching HGTV's 'Kitchen Trends' and they had a segment on indoor grills. I've been considering one of these for several years. We do not have a grill/griddle on our range.

I've looked at the George Foreman for years but don't like the little tray for grease...just grosses me out to look at it but I like the idea of the draining of fat.

Does anybody have an indoor grill/griddle they really like and actually use? How about flavor...good? bad? no different than something cooked on an electric range? did you use it for a while shortly after purchase and now it just takes up storage space? quality of cooking?

HGTV featured the Breville #800GRXL; Salton's George Foreman Next Generation #GRP99; Bodum's Yukon Electric Table Grille #3010-USA; and Hamilton's Beach #29295.

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Tricia, I've purchased a number of indoor grills over the years, and they all had the same fault: wouldn't get hot enough to sear and carmelize the meats and vegetables. Early this year I finally found one that I really like, made under the Wolfgang Puck label. The grilling surface is reversible, to a griddle on the other side. Adjustable temperatures. Dishwasher safe (except for the temperature dial and cord, of course). Excellent grill marks, but the heat can be regulated for eggs and pancakes on the griddle side. It is not at all flimsy, and has a decent size cooking surface of 11"x17". I am very pleased with this grill/griddle, and use it quite a bit.

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