big rectangular fryer?

boysmomNovember 17, 2005

i'm looking for a pan big enough to fry about 6 fist-sized pieces of steak in (for chicken fried steak) i usually make fresh fried okra along with this, so that's already 2 frying pans on. other times i'd like to do a bunch of fish at once, too. i've got a bridge burner on my cooktop and was wondering if there's some pan that would fit on there.

now i either do the fish in batches or drag out my electric skillet for the steak. i don't fry all that much, but when i do, it's a pain.

any ideas?

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How about a 2 burner griddle?? You can get them in CI from Lodge or non stick from many inc. Calphalon. I use the Calphhalon one about twice a week.


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I have a two burner fish fryer (cast iron) which I use when I'm cooking a large number of pieces. It's perfect for what you're talking about, and nothing beats cast iron.

Here is a link that might be useful: Two burner fish fryer

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Claire de Luna - that looks awsome. Where did you find it?? Local or mail order??


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Ken, mine's an antique with rounded ends, but has almost the same girth and weight. I've seen these at my local hardware store (who sells Lodge cookware). I would probably try to find it somewhere local before I'd have it shipped!

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that would be exactly what i need!! however, i measured my burners & the length is 16" and width is 7". i'm wondering about the corners not getting hot enough and things cooking unevenly. do you run into that w/yours?
unfortunately i have an electric cooktop. i'm guessing "hot spots" are less of an issue w/gas maybe? i didn't really have a choice when i re-did my kitchen.

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boysmom, my particular fish fryer has rounded ends, so I don't exactly know about this one. However, the beauty of cast iron is that when it heats up, it holds heat for a long time, and heats fairly evenly. I would think you could start your chicken over the burners, and move the first pieces to the corners to cook as you keep adding pieces, for everything to cook at the same time.

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