Chefmate enamelled cast iron

lucykNovember 2, 2005

I just purchased a Chefmate oval enamelled (sp?) cast iron Dutch Oven from Target for $40. It sure does look like Le Crueset. Has anyone had any experience with the Chefmate?

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Nope....but i'll bet it's just fine!
I have given my daughter and DIL Le Cruset wannabe's and they are fine! And even if they are not quite as long wearing as Le Cruset.....for 40 bad can it be? You'll love it!
Linda C

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I have no cooking experience with the Chefmate, however, I was buzzing through Target the other day and there was a display on an end cap which I came to an abrupt halt to look at. It looked nice, felt nice and I think you made a good purchase!

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I bought a chefmate chef's knife at Target about six years ago. We had just bought a lake cabin and I needed to stock it for cooking but couldn't afford to duplicate all the same stuff I have at home. I was surprised at how much I liked this knife - I'm still using it though I could have bought something else by now. It works great and has held up well.

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I like Chefmate stuff. I have that enameled cast iron pan too--it's a great bean pot. I also have the Chefmate cookware set with the copper bottom--cost me $70. Great stuff. Only complaint I have is that the lids aren't domed, so if you want to steam vegetables you have to use the big 4-1/2 quart pot. Other than that they're great. Take a licking and keep on ticking.

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