dcarch's photo tips #2

dcarch7March 5, 2010

I like to add one more consideration to SharonCb's tripod tips:

Get a tripod with a reversible center post, so that you can mount your camera upside down. This will give you two more features:

1. You can take pictures of your dishes from the top.

2. Do you have hundreds of precious photos fading? Scanning is very time consuming. You can setup your camera upside down with the tripod and just snap away. 10 times faster.

I like to add to SharonCbÂs lighting tips:

Amazon.com has high power daylight CFL bulb at a very reasonable price (some free shipping). You will have much better lighting for all your pictures. Many professional photographers use them.



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We just bought a new Epson V330 scanner, and it is much faster than the old HP scanner we had before, and the color is much better than from taking photos of photos by camera. I did find, however, that a camera is better for taking images of veneered furniture finish samples than scanning, although a scanner is better for fabric samples. For fringe, a camera works better than a scanner, and I had to do that yesterday.


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