Microwave/oven/...stovetop(?)-safe dishes?

dee_can1November 8, 2010

Is there such a thing? Twice now, I've taken a pyrex shallow pan from the microwave (where I roasted meat by combination (micro/convection)), and then placed the dish on the stove top (after the roast was done and removed from pan) on low/medium heat whereupon I made gravy; and BOOM the dish shattered from the stove heat. Oops.

The dishes lasted for a few years before they broke; but I'd like to find a dish that is safe for stove too (that I can transfer from the microwave). Is there even such a thing? The CorningWare dishes I've been looking at don't mention anything about being 'stove-top safe'. Thanks.

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Get yourself to yard sales, consignment shops, Goodwill, etc.. The OLD Corning Ware is what you want to find because it's the only kind that I know of that will do what you want.

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Take a look on ebay too. I was just there and they have all kinds of the Corning Ware on it.

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Thanks, bryansda. I'll have a look, but I'm leery because I can only use cookware that hasn't had gluten-containing food in it, and who knows where the used/old Corning Ware has been... But I appreciate your suggestion.

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Pyrex baking dishes are not recommended for stovetop use.

DO NOT use on or under a flame or other direct heat source, including on a stove top, under a broiler, on a grill or in a toaster oven.

Pyrex used to make stovetop cookware (I think it was a cranberry color), but it looks like they don't make it any more.

You'll need to use a metal pan if you want to put it on a burner.

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Hi momj47, thank you for your response. I do have some of that cranberry-coloured Pyrex cookware that you were mentioning - 4 pots plus a round casserole type of dish (got the set quite a few years ago). I find the casserole dish a little deep so, it's hard to get a roast 'browned' on combination, it seems to mostly 'steam'. Maybe I could elevate it with a rack, though, if I could find a rack to fit.

With the dishes I was using orginally for combination cooking in the microwave, last weekend I tried taking the roast out of the pan, and then putting the pan back in the microwave on combo for a few minutes, and the drippings browned nicely. So at least I found out that works. I'm rambling. : ) But thanks again for reminding me about the cranberry-coloured dishes.

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You might want to take a look at the newest issue of Consumers--just finished readingan article re Pyrex exploding. I'm starting to think twice about using mine.

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We've had our 'Visions' pyrex cookware for over 20 years, and they've been just great (no explosions or breakage). I really like them.

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I had been thinking about replacing my Pyrex and Anchor Hocking casseroles that I use for oven/microwave. After reading CR's scathing five-page investigative piece, I am buying Le Creuset stoneware.

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Head over to www.shopworldkitchen.com, click on CorningWare (I know, I know, stay with me), then click on StoveTop.

Look! There it is! Brand spankin' new Pyroceram cookware! It's now made in France but, hey, anything's better than cheap lead-laden stoneware masquerading as "CorningWare".

Check the site regularly for sales. I bought the 4.5L Enhancements Swirl dish for $14.92 during their Columbus Day sale in 2010. I also got the lid on sale.

And while you're there, get some snazzy new Visions clear amber Pyroceram cookware. I blew my Christmas wad on the stuff. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: CorningWare StoveTop Pyroceram cookware

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I just thought I would share this info for others who are wondering about how to identify which Corningware pieces are safe to use where. I was concerned about one piece of Corningware my "newish" husband had stowed in a cabinet, so I wrote to customer service at WorldKitchen LLC,. I wanted to use it on the stovetop, then transfer to oven, but the only information printed on it was Corningware and the size.

It took almost a week to hear from WorldKitchen, but here is the reply I received:

"Please be advised that any Corningware piece made of pyroceram is stovetop safe. If the bottom of the dish is complete smooth and glazed white, it is made of pyroceram. The newer line of French White is made of stoneware, will have a unglazed raised rim around the bottom and will be printed with "No Stovetop, No Broiler". The stovetop safe pieces can be used on any type of range, gas, smooth top or electric, without using a diffuser. We hope this is helpful."

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