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moelarrycurlyNovember 27, 2013

Most places do not list the prices of the BOSCH dishwashers on their website. As such it is hard to comparison shop.

What is a general street price for the bosch 800 plus series dishwasher? Such as model SHX7PT55UC. The MAP is $1449 I think.

A local store has a like new floor model (they said they would give us a deal) and I would like a reference point to haggle.

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For some reason I can't copy and paste links on GW right now but

Go to google shopping and there is one on Bonanza

$1299 with free shipping.

That is the best price I see.

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Thanks Diego!

What is a fair price on an extended warranty?

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Extended warranties don't have fair prices :-) They're just added profit to the person selling them.

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Agree, skip extended warranties.

If anything is going to go wrong in the first four years it is very likely it will do so in the first year. Under the standard warranty.

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Thanks for the quick follow up advice! You guys are great!

One more question.. on a floor model / open box unit how much of a discount is common? (they have it out for display but it is not used)

Also is there a way to determine what accessories the unit comes with so I can verify they are all present?

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I haven't purchased anything from them, but the best online quotes I have received were at:
You might try them and please report back what they are quoting as this is black Friday season and I would think it will be a good deal.

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I bought a range out of box last year with a ding in the side - 20% off; usually 10% off no dings.


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Ended up buying the DW below: (brand new)
24" Flush Handle Dishwasher
800 Plus Series- Stainless steel SHP7PT55UC

$1299 no tax and they threw in some freebies. (finish tabs, jet dry, salt for the water softener, and extra warranty)

Very very quiet. Went down to get the baby's bottle late at night while the DW was running. Couldn't hear it util I got real close to it. That was with the TV off, ceiling fan off, kids asleep and not running around, etc. On a normal day there is no way I could hear it.

Cleans very good. Any glasses that have a small recess at the bottom will collect a little water.. unless you lean them to one side or the other. I put the dishes in there pretty dirty too.. just a quick rinse to get large particles off but there was still cereal, pasta, etc stuck to the bowls.

So far a great unit!

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Moe, just wondering what features sold you on the 800 as opposed to the 500. We have to make this decision pretty soon, and I think my brain is full already with all the other decisions...

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We just began shopping for a Bosch dishwasher and would like to purchase between 1-6 months.

I am confused by how their product line works. For example, what are the differences between the 800 series, 800 plus series, and 500 series?

The two particular models I have seen online are SHX68T55UC vs SHX7PT55UC. One is an 800 PLUS while the other is just the 800 SERIES. Not quite sure what the differences are, does anyone else know?

Also, how are these newer models fairing with reviews?

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I don't know the specific differences among models, but I can tell you we just installed the 800 Series SHV68T53UC, and it has performed brilliantly in the week and a half since it was installed. We use Finish Powerball tabs (not Quantum so far). Last night we broke a tab in half for the first time for a half load and it worked perfectly. My glasses sparkle like they haven't since I bought them. Only two things didn't come out perfectly clean, and I forgive both - one was a spatula with scrambled eggs, and the other a pyrex dish that had some burned on garlic/oil (almost all of it did come clean, but there was one corner that didn't). We paid $919 for the dw and a hose kit (I think), but then we got a package discount from our retailer.

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I hope the following helps. We just bought a 500 series one for the new house. We currently have a lower model and love it.

Home of "Appliance Dude"!
Bosch 500 Series Dishwashers vs. Bosch 800 Series
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I thought this was a worthy blog post because I had 3 different couples in the showroom today asking me the same question ��" What is the difference between these Bosch dwâÂÂs?
I can see the points of confusion because the 500 series is a really beautiful line and when they are just compared visually you say to yourself, âÂÂthese look so similarly high-end, whatâÂÂs up the price difference?âÂÂ

I think the easiest way to chunk this down is like so:

800 and 800 Plus Series
Quietest dishwashers in the US.
More energy efficient than 500 series (200kw per year vs 259kw )
Offer third rack on top for cutlery (warning ��" you need to snap each piece in)
Offers China cycle
Offers water softener
Offer more wash cycles (6 as opposed to 4)
Slightly larger (15 place setting vs. 14)

500 Series
The 500 series is the VALUE move.
I particularly sweat the SHX55Rl55UC.
It is still a very quiet dishwasher.
It offers nearly the same place setting as an 800 and offers the same type
of adjustable rack as the 800 series (not the 3rd tray, I âÂÂm talking about the rack where glasses would go). In particular the SHX55RL5UC which is sold for under $1000 and with rebates you are usually netting out somewhere between $750 ��" $850.
I like the above model because I own its last iteration ��" the SHX45L15UC (this was replaced in Summer 2011) and my wife and I love it. It provides badass cleaning, is extremely quiet and looks sleek. No complaints here.

The bottom line is that you wonâÂÂt go wrong with either the 800 Plus, 800 or 500 series.
It all depends on what you want to spend and whether the particular add-ons in the 800 Series speak to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: 800 vs. 500

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The 800 Plus Series are manufactured in Germany.

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