Who sells enameled steel roasters?

awm03November 18, 2007

Just checked my turkey, and it's too big for my old enameled steel roaster. I need to buy a bigger roasting pan but don't want to pay extra for immediate shipping via an online purchase.

Does anybody know any stores that are carrying these on the shelves? Probably Ace Hardware, but does WalMart or Target have them?

These roasters make the best turkey. It's what my grandmother used, and it's what I've used for the last 26 years.

Thanks for your help!

Here is a link that might be useful: enameled steel roaster

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This time of year you'd have a hard time NOT bumping into an enameled steel roaster!

Yes, you'll find it at Target, WalMart, Macy's, Sears, KMart, grocery stores, et al...

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I double-checked the Target site, and it says "not sold in store (web sales only)". That's why I'm asking if anybody has actually seen these on the shelf somewhere, and if so, what is the store. I'm looking for the large size roasting pan, either oval or rectangle shape.

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How large are you looking for? I've seen them at Walmart all the time.

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The 19 inch pan. Or the 22 inch rectangular pan. Thanks, ntt_hou, I'll try Walmart.

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We got ours in a local supermarket a few years ago (the covered oval one and an open rectangular one). I'm sure they were dirt cheap and worked fine for our purpose.

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Our local supermarket is selling uncovered oval roasters. Our local Kohl's had the big covered rectangular ones last year, but not this year.

I couldn't get to Wal-mart (shopping is far away here, and I work full time too), so ended up paying inflated shipping price for in-time-for-Thanksgiving arrival. Oh well. The turkey came out fabulous as always!

I've never used the roaster for anything but poultry, come to think of it. Does anybody know if it does a decent job braising? How about roast beef?

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