Nostalgic and want to use grandma's old Westinghouse Roaster

leibrookNovember 16, 2007

I posted under cooking, but maybe this is the better site. I am feeling very nostalgic about use my husband's grandmother's old Westinghouse Roaster, proboably from the 1950's. I believe it would cook the turkey very moist, but would it be pretty as well. If anyone else uses such a roaster for their turkey, please let me know. I am having company and I would like to serve them a great meal as well as have good use of the grandmother's old roaster.

What do you think. Any ideas, suggestions, etc. most appreciated.

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i used a roaster up until a few years ago when it finally died on me. it was like having an extra oven.

i replaced it with a new one, but haven't even taken it out of the box except to look at it up close and personal. it's certainly not the product of days gone by - solid and heavy and built to last, but really, what is these days? i did save the inside (agate) pan though.

i never did a turkey, although it's large enough, but i used to do several nice sized chicken in it at one time.

happy thanksgiving, sure hope it goes well.


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Thanks, Maryanne, I am going to do it, use grandma's old roaster. I agree the newer models just don't live up to the wonderful old roasters. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

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