Looking for a good spatter guard.

svwillow1November 20, 2007

Is there a spatter guard that works? We have two of them, and we still get grease spatter all over. It seems to go right through the mesh screen.

Thanks for any help

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Me too! I hope you get some replies here. The ones I have now aren't super cheapies but somehow grease still seems to appear.
Please help us out folks. :-))

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The January-07 issue of Cooks Illustrated had a brief discussion of splatter screens:

"...Diameters of 12" or less proved insufficient for skillets with an equally large face. And models with overlaying--and painfully heat-absorbing--handles were highly problematic. Gimmicky designs, such as adjustable arms or dual screens designed to fit skillets of varying sizes, did not work. Traditional lollipop-shaped models were better. Though no single screen perfectly combined splatter-proofing with ergonomic stability, the Amco 13-inch Splatter Screen ($15.95) edged out the well-anchored Norpro model and won for its nearly impermeable mesh face, which corralled the grease and kept our hands clean."

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I use a piece of tin foil. This is the easiest and best thing I have found. And no clean up!

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"I use a piece of tin foil."

That would be a lid, or cover. Great if you're looking to steam something, not fry it.

For those looking for a better splatter screen, try stacking two on top of each other. If something gets by the first screen it's doubtful it'll get by the second...

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

No it's not. The foil can be tented and works great. I've been frying successfully with this for years.

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Just bought a splatter screen from Pampered Chef. Not sure how well it works since I haven't used it yet, but I'll keep you posted. It was $22.50, so you can guarantee if it doesn't meet my standards, I'll let them know.

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