End of Support for IE on Windows XP

Dash2December 20, 2013

The support and hot fixes for Internet Explorer on Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014. The obvious question is - what happens next?

Does downloading another browser fix the problem? I don't know what to do. Microsoft says computers will be vulnerable to viruses that the patches protect against.

Microsoft suggests a newer computer. I've updated IE as much as my machine allows. It is 5 or 6 years old; but, I still have at least 50% of the hard drive available, if not more. I don't feel I have any need for a new computer.

I'm nearly 70 and only use the computer as a social outlet. Don't do any banking or things like that. I shop a bit online and go to a few forums and craft groups. Nothing critical. I'm the only person who uses this machine.

I do have virus protection and keep it updated. Any suggestions as to what to do before the April deadline?

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Just keep right on using the computer is my suggestion. You need to have something besides your anti virus program unless it is a 'cure all' type program covering virii and malware. Something like the free Malwarebytes will do you proud. Be very sure to watch as you install to stay with the free version - unless you would like the pro version of course.

After April just pay a little more attention to running a virus scan and a malware scan periodically and you'll do fine.

The browser you use has nothing to do with XP. Your XP is the operating system.

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Google Chrome is the most popular browser outside of the U.S. and is widely considered faster and more refined than IE (though IE has improved considerably in recent years). You might try it out:

Here is a link that might be useful: Chrome

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I agree with owbist. Be sure to have a highly rated antivirus/anti malware system on duty.

If in later years you find erratic behavior with Internet Explorer, try something like Firefox or Opera.

You should be fine.

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Keep on using your IE, but why wait for trying out other browsers? Move forward now at your own learning pace rather than when you are in desperate need You might even find something you like and want to use right away.


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I agree with DA on the trying something new before you HAVE to, I HAD to move to win7, and was surprised at the small changes from XP, and threw me for a loop sometimes. Some things are minor, and didn't upset me, but others did make me nervous, and I am a nervous nellie when it comes to computer trouble, I like you use it for keeping touch with the outside world, and can't imagine being without it. Life is too short tho to fret about those things, take charge now, and take it slowly.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I don't do change readily or very well, at all. Just ask the husband I've been hanging on to for 49 years. As soon as I adjust to him....well, who knows what could happen. :)

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