Any opinions on Anolon cookware

HuBeeNovember 21, 2005

Found a great deal on the 12 piece nonstick set at Does anyone have experience with this brand. Or comparison to say Calphalon maybe?

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I've had my Anolon Titanium set for a number of years and really like it. However, be aware that you have to use a low phosphorous dishwasher detergent for Titanium to prevent fading/damage. I use Cascade Complete Gel (enzyme-based) and get great results...


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I have an Analon griddle that has held up very nicely for several years. I would rate it as good as Calphalon (at least the series I have - I'm sure there are several YMMV). That said, recent discussions have me thinking about switching to a Lodge griddle for several reasons (but you didn't ask that ;-). Anyway, for an anodized aluminium, non stick griddle the Analon I have is everything I could ask for.


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