Griddle for 36' DF wolf range!!!!!!

sanborn5November 15, 2007

I want a new griddle for my wolf gas top DF range which I will use for the first time this weekend when we move into our new home. One of my children want to give it as a xmas gift. The all-clad sounds great but I don't want this young couple to break the bank. What do you all use for a double burner griddle? Do they all fit the two burners on all the ranges? I noticed they come in different sizes. I did a google search and this is what I have seen. The Calphalon Pro, Anolon anodized grill, nordic ware cast alum 2 burner grill(this one looks real interesting) and the Lodge Logic Pro. Let me know what you use and why?? Also info regarding the different sizing. Thanks

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