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carolj79November 13, 2007

I would like to replace my muffin pans and loaf/bread pans. I have darkly-colored bread pans which seem to burn the top of my banana bread consistantly! I have one loaf pan, very old, that is made from aluminum which is great. Are these pans still available? My muffin pan is an inexpensive brand. Any recommendations on quality pans? Is restaurant quality bakeware expensive and worth the price? I would like to know the brand and the material the pans are made from would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

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Commercial bakeware is less expensive than those silicone things....and well worth the cost.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: chicago metalic

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ITA with lindac. I've tried nonstick, air-cushioned, silicone, whatever, and I threw it all away and replaced it with Chicago Metallic Commercial.

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1 word - stoneware. I use the Pampered Chef stuff but surely there is equal quality stoneware from other suppliers. If you like hearth cooking the Lodge makes excellent quality, inexpensive cookware including muffin pans.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pampered Chef Stoneware

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I have a non-stick 1/2 sheetpan from Williams Sonoma that was made by Chicago Metallic. It gets used a lot in our kitchen. So far, so good--I like it a lot.

(I'm not clear about what the "nonstick" material is. I doubt that it's PTFE (Teflon), because an oven is too hot for PTFE. Plus, it's gold colored, which is not usual for PTFE. Whatever it is, it seems to work quite well--I just wipe it with a damp paper towel, and it comes clean.)

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