Copper bowl question

amyjeanNovember 18, 2009

I just purchased a copper bowl from a thrift store. It was pretty oxidized, but I could see that on the bottom it said: "1801 Paul Revere". It seemed fairly heavy and I assumed that it would be solid copper. However, after I started cleaning it up at home I realized that it looks like a copper finish over brass or something.

Is this common in these "beater bowls" or whatever they're called? (It looks like a kitchen bowl that is made to be used for whipping egg whites -has the brass ring and everything.)

Any thoughts on this? Thank you, Amy

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This is the older Revereware trademark.

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I bought a dandy little copper fry pan at a thrift store last summer, so your post made me curious as to when mine was manufactured, and how it was made. I found the site below, good reading for anyone who has Revereware and wants to know more about it.

My pan was part of the Limited Edition collection, not made by the typical technique. It was manufactured around 1967, and it's heavy as sin. I am putting the link below, in case you want to read it concerning your bowl. It seems Revereware has used many different metal combinations, and processes. You might be able to date your bowl and also find its composition here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Revereware History link

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