GE Advantium convection cooking

BHoffmanNovember 25, 2013

i have a GE Profile Advantium SCB2001.
I use the microwave part all the time and have cooked pizzas following the speedcook menu.
I want to bake cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving. Help! I read the book and it says to set Pyrex on turntable but how do i decide the levels and times?

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No worries, if heat is too low, you can complain to the "Kernel",
if you get the heat too high, just serve it as a "Snack", (Pop Corn)


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Are you sure it says you're supposed to use the glass tray? I thought it was the metal tray. ÃÂ If you use the convection mode, then you're essentially using it just like a regular oven, so you can bake it just like normal.

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I think you use the pyrex dish on a metal tray. There is a basic recipe in the book that you can modify.

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Your oven does not have a convection cooking mode in it. GE didn't add a convention cooking element to the 240v Advantium (letting you select temperature as with a conventional oven) until the mid-'00s, which yours predates. The Advantium 120 has always had a convection oven; now they all do, but the early 240v ovens had only the halogen lights and microwaves for cooking. (the newer-design A240 wall oven also has a larger interior with a wire shelf, a interior light that stays on during microwaving, and is several inches shorter, with a custom-sized drawer that fits underneath the oven cutout opening to hold extra trays for upgraders).

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