Wolfgang Puck's stainless steel wok versus Cuisinart?

catherinetNovember 14, 2012

I ordered the Puck wok because it was a good price. Then I found a stainless steel Cuisinart wok even cheaper on Amazon.

Seems like most reviewers like Cuisinart alot, and some Puck owners love it, and some hate it.

Anyone here have any experience with the Puck wok? Unfortunately, they're both made in China. The Puck wok boasts having 0.7mm stainless steel, while Cusinart mentions being 18/10, so its hard to compare them.

If the Cusinart isn't that much different than the Puck one, I'll keep the Puck one, since I ordered it online and it arrived today.


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This post needs to go away.

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