Sitram Profiserie 11pc Cookware Set - too good to be true?

vyshtiaNovember 28, 2006

What is with this deal? Smart Bargains is offering it at $129.99 and if you purchase through, you can get a $25.00 discount and free shipping as well...

I've been doing a TON of reading on this subject of affordable/good cookware and have narrowed it down to the Member's Mark Set from Sams Club and this Sitram Set. Since I don't have a Sams Club membership - I guess that leaves me with Sitram.

Everything that I've read on this set is that it's very, very good. The only criticism is that the disc may not go all the way across the bottom of the pan, resulting in some "unprotected ring of fire" where foods can get burnt if on the edge... (I don't konw...)

Anyways, I'm all prepared to purchase this set but have held back because I've always been the type to expect that good items will cost more. I'm really glad that this set is so cheap...but it just seems fishy to can such a great cookware set be *this* cheap?

Can anyone shed some light on this...or allay my fears on purchasing this set?

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I have several pieces of Sitram Cybernox, which looks to me like the Profiserie line with a Cybernox (a quasicrystal with enhanced release properties) cooking surface. The body of the pan is SS with an aluminum disk on the bottom. High quality stuff. One nice feature is the handles are welded to the body rather than riveted which makes cleanup easier. Also the hollow handles really do stay cool. I think this is a great deal.

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I am not sure if it is the same set I have, mine was purchased from Costco online for $140 two years ago and was either a 9 or 11 piece set. If it is the same set, the price is definitely right. Mine has the disc bottom and the only complaint, if I can call it that, is that the edge of the disc is a bit sharp. But I have a smoothtop range and don't think it would be an issue on a gas range. It seems to cook evenly to me---any uneveness in cooking I have seen I believe is due to the element on the range and not the pans.

If I had had access to a Sam's club I think I would have considered the Member's Mark. But I didn't and decided to purchase the Sitram set (after research) online and have been very satisfied with it.

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