Buffet Servers aka Chafing dishes: help with purchase decision!

homey_birdNovember 3, 2011


I am in the market to buy buffet servers. I started out thinking that I'd need 4 sets of 4qt each but thought I'd post a help query here, since my understanding has evolved during my research, and it no longer looks like an easy decision to make!

So -- here goes:

I am looking to use this set for entertaining 6-12 adults. I know it's a big range, but that's what I normally do and ideally would like a size that would work well for this size. I was eyeing a 4 qt size and a 5 qt size. I wanted to check which size would be better suited for this size for the following food types:

- main dish (rice, noodles, pasta, lasagna)

- side (salad, soup, gravy such as chicken curry, vegetable stir fry etc.)

- bread (naan, pita, garlic bread)

- appetizers (spanakopita, samosa)

Can you please share experiences/suggestions? Also if you have suggestions for a particular brand, online vendor or shape/material then I'd love to hear!

Also, is there an easy way to divide up the tray into smaller compartments? If there is then this dilemma might become a lot easier!

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Be sure to post in the Cooking Forum, too, A number of those people cater or serve large numbers of people.

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