Christmas gifts from the land of Oz...

annie1992February 7, 2007

About a week or so ago, I got a package from Australia. Ashley was as excited as always, it was from Colleen "her birthday twin". (grin)

Colleen sent Ashley a nice calendar/planner to keep track of homework and work dates, a little pocket sized planner for me (like she thinks I'll ever get organized at home, LOL?), a calendar for Amanda and toys for the Monkey Princess and her Bruvver.

Just on time too, the two Monkeys got a virus and were sick, so Makayla spent time on the couch playing with the finger puppets and making up songs about all the animals and fish on her fingers:

She likes this one best:

Colleen sent Bud a Kookaburra bird, and it makes noise, Colleen said it sounds just like a Kookaburra. Bud wouldn't hold it for a picture, if he threw it it would make a noise so the minute he got his hands on it he'd grin, yell "fly, bird" and throw it across the room. Makayla held it for a picture:

Bruvver wasn't very happy about that, but we gave it right back....

She also sent a couple of tiny pins that she said were Australian childhood icons, but my camera couldn't get close enough to show them, they just came out blurry. Makayla has one on her coat, and Ashley claimed the other. LOL Big kids.....

Thank you, Colleen, for thinking of us, it was very kind and the kids loved the gifts. So did I.


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First off, I can't believe how big the kids are getting!

Colleen, I think you made some people in White Cloud very happy people.

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What a nice thing for Colleen to do! Something for everyone, too! Very cool.


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I love getting presents for people but I don't have much family to go nuts for, so it was great to put up a box for my internet relatives :-D! I spotted the finger puppets first, and I thought "I have just GOT to get those", and it kind of snowballed from there.........I am so happy that everyone likes their goodies and even happier that they arrived at an opportune moment!

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How special to get this great package from Australia for the family, Annie. Whoa, the kids ARE getting cute! Colleen, very, very sweet of you!

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How sweet of you Colleen! Yes, lil bruvver is looking like a little boy now, not a babe any more!

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What a wonderful suprise! Cute lil' peoples too!

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