Help from bread-makers please?

asoloNovember 14, 2010

Haven't had store-bought bread in years. Always made my own. Make a batch from mom's old recipe about every 10 days. Excellent results every time, but....

Getting old enough that forearms and wrists and hands starting to hurt during mixing and kneading -- a total of about 12-15 minutes of pain. Will one of those KA mixers with dough-hooks handle mixing/kneading chores? Nicely, I mean?

I'm accustomed to treating my dough gently and have no experience with any mixing/kneading machine. Would need to be pretty good sized. My dough-batch is about 6 1/2 lbs. (About 8 cups of flour and five cups of liquid)

Would surely appreciate advice from people who understand bread and use such machines.

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I think it depends on if you are making white bread or whole wheat. I make my own bread as well. I grind my own flour now too. Takes all of five minutes.

From the research I've done it seems the Kitchenaid mixers are designed to handle "normal" batches of white bread dough. They aren't designed for multiple loaf size batches, or for whole wheat dough on a frequent basis. It sounds like they will burn up after a while.

As a result, I've just purchased the Bosch Universal Plus mixer from Pleasant Hill Grain. Since I fell a couple of weeks ago and broke some ribs I haven't gotten to use it yet. I had to dust my bread machine off so we could have bread in the mean time. I'm hoping to try out my new toy very soon.

The Bosch Universal Plus is designed to handle a huge amount of dough, including 100% whole wheat. It can also be used to make cookies, cakes, whip cream, etc. Several breadbakers who have written cookbooks swear by this machine. I figured I could make large batches of dough, freeze some loaves, and have dough handy for rolls and pizza as well.

I'm suspecting my Kitchenaid mixer will be collecting some dust if this machine does what everyone claims.


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