Who has heard of this brand?

nickieNovember 3, 2006

I am trying this for the second time. Man I have to get better on the computer. Okay I am trying to find more cast iron enamelware by this company. The label says Seigwer, Star(k?)(more letters?)& Seiger. The lettering is all in a circle around a large S that is topped by a small five pointed star. I know it is older and possibly German(?). For a description of the roaster that I bought see "Other brands of enameled cast iron". I have two almost identical postings there. The second was my first attempt to post a message. I live in Canada and am hoping to find more closer to home but if I can't oh well.

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I'm sorry I can't help you here, but I'm wondering if I may ask what is enameled cast iron and the benefits of using it? Thanks.

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Thanks for responding daisymay. Enameled cast iron is usually high quality cast iron that has been lined with a baked on ceramic enamel coating. The benefits of it is that it is usually lighter then regular cast iron ware. It is easier to clean and most of the time it is easier to use. It also radiates the heat back toward the food and cooks it faster. Thanks nickie

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