Need current feed back on NXR

marleycat25November 7, 2011

After weeks of research and shopping I still can't make a decision. My horrible kenmore electric smooth top cracked from corner to corner. I think I jinxed it. I am switching from electric to gas and really want to make the right choice.I am seriously considering a 30" NXR range, trying to see one first, but no luck. The chipping enamel issue is a bit scary and so is the oven thermostat issue posted by Libby. In looking at the dates on the different posts, it seems like the older posts are much more positive than the newer posts. Could the quality be going down?? Can't spend more than $2000 and I really hate all the electronics and gadgets on the mainstream models, (chicken nugget button...really?) I can get an American or Capital for around $3000 but just can't go that high. Please tell me that the newer models are just as good! Read a post on another site that said they were using a lower grade of stainless on the newer models, and that they were rusting... anyone have any experiences with the newer models made in 2011??? The only place I can find one is in Texas and I am in the Philadelphia area. I really love the look of this stove and the simple features, but don't want to make a $2000 mistake! I have to make a decision soon, my normally patient DH is putting the pressure on!!! He wants me up and cooking again!

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I seriously doubt any are "rusting" that is most likely nonsense from some "China basher".
Which you see a lot on these stoves because they are "Assembled in China" so you see a fair amount of people bashing the stove solely for that even though they don't own it and probably never laid eyes on one.

Ours is without question good 304 stainless.

All I can say for certain is that we have had ours for 9 months and it is the older model with the curved handle which we actually preferred over the newer straight handle.
So ours was probably made in 2010.

We have ZERO issues of any kind what so ever, no chipping, no anything.
Works great, excellent burners, great broiler and I find it very easy to clean, after 9 months and 3 meals a day it looks like brand new still.

We got ours in Florida (we live in NC) and we drove to Florida to visit friends and made a detour on the way home to check it out in person and ended up buying it from the place we stopped at because they gave us as good a deal as anybody. We bought it for $1799 delivered.

There is NOTHING that even comes close for that price.

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Would you be able to get to NYC? AJ Madison has a showroom in Brooklyn where they might have one.

Old posts mentioned a few places in the tri-state area.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Not bashing the NXR, in fact I'm thinking of getting one soon however I did notice that the website now says they use 430 stainless steel.

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Well 410 can rust, but really, who has a range outside. Yes the cheap gas grills made from 400 series stainless will rust, but indoors? Unless you live in a rainforest, I don't think you would have a problem. I notice a magnet will stick to our new KA fridge and F&P wash drawers does that make them cheap? I have a CC which I really like, as I know that is not in your price range, I would consider the NXR. It has the same duel stacked burner as the Wolf at half the price. Unlike Nunyabiz1, I think I would get the filler grate in the middle that is available. If you are concerned about some of the Issues that have been reported, make sure you purchase it from a local appliance dealer with a good reputation for service/exchanges. It's worth paying the tax for the piece of mind in the event you should experiance any problems.

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Ooos, I see you said 430 not 410, but all 400 series stainless is magnetic and can rust in outdoor weather.

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I bought a 36-inch wide 6-burner NXR in May (delivered in June) from "that place in Texas"; I think they are one of the largest NXR distributors in the US.

A lookup on DuroCorp's website brings up the following company as their Mid-Atlantic distributor:

Signature Marketing Group LTD.
103 Fairfield Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004
PH : 973.575.7785
W :

Reno's Appliance in Paterson, NJ has these ranges in stock, but it's a bit of a hike from Philly, surely you can find them closer.

We are generally happy with the stove; we did have to make a service call (to ADCO, who are good) to replace the initially broken oven ignitor and adjust the handle rings, though the latter I could have done myself.

Love, LOVE the dual-stacked burners, it's amazing that you can get them for this price. No rust so far, and we haven't really used the oven much, so I cannot comment on the enamel-chipping issue.

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Thank you all for your input. I really love this stove! I want to be convinced to bite the bullet and order it. Believe it or not I can not find a dealer anywhere near me. I found one in Philly but they no longer carry them. I think my only option is the place in Texas. I wish I could find the older model with the better stainless. I'm glad to hear ADCO was good, that is the warranty company they use too. I'll keep you all posted if I find anything closer. Wish me Luck!

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Surprised they switched to 430 stainless, I know ours is 304 ( a magnet drops like it is made of wood) but it is the older model (NRG3001) with the curved handle and slanted panel for the knobs probably made in 2010 maybe earlier.
But like you say, unless you put it outside it isn't going to rust anyway.

From my understanding ADCO is the same company that many others use.
Liebherr uses them, Garland which I think is the parent company for Blue Star isn't it? and also Wolf uses them.

Like Mratner I love the double stack burners also, they are perfect for my needs and i MUCH prefer to have 4- 15K BTU burners that also go down to a super low simmer, much more usable configuration.

FYI AJ Madison has NXRs and they are in NYC which is about 250 miles from you.

Also according to what they say here the NXR they have is made of 304 stainless.
Model number is a new one on me (NXR DRGB3001x) never seen one with an "X" on the end of it at least I sure never noticed it. Maybe they went back to 304 stainless with the "X"?
Link at bottom

Here is a link that might be useful: AJ Madison

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I finally decide to purchase the NXR and they change their stainless steel specs. Now I find myself researching stainless.... I can't believe I am actually reading about Austenitic and Ferritic steel. All I wanted was a good gas range at a price I could afford, without all the BS.. I am actually starting to re-think the chicken nugget button... I think my DH is ready to kill me. Help

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Hi Marley,

You might drive yourself mad trying to research something that might be a non-issue. Many sites on the internet will talk about "poor" corrosion resistance in relation to seawater or other harsh environments. That is not your kitchen! Unless you're planning to dip your range in an electrified salt bath I think you'd be just fine.

There are many implications to the kind of steel used in an application including which you are no doubt reading about. Strength, ease of machining, corrosion resistance, malleability, price, etc.

People here report having 100 year old cast iron stoves that are just fine and heaven knows there's no chromium, molybdenum or vanadium alloyed in those suckers!


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Yep you rare worrying about a non issue really, in fact there are a few advantages to using 430 SS.
It may have been a design change requiring different welding or what ever and 430 supposedly holds a weld better and in some cases forms to certain shapes better without cracking.

Unless it is outside or in a marine environment then really the better corrosion properties of the 304 is moot.

If you want a good gas range at $2000 then I have yet to see ANY that even come close to the NXR for the price.

Now according to AJ madison they still sell NXRs that are 304 stainless anyway.

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Well, I did it. Just ordered my NXR from that place in Texas. Super nice guy and very knowledgeable. It should be here in about a week and I can not wait. The bottom line is I knew I would not be happy with all the useless gadgets on on the ranges I looked at. I hated the burner configuration on most ranges. I do not need anyone telling me what burner to use for what. Thank you all for your input and I will let you know how it goes.

This is for Nuny....Do you have the extenda vent model of the LG micro, if so how is it???

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I think you will be happy with it, I know I am.
Every time I go into Sears like just last week when we bought a Washer & Dryer I out of habit mosey on over to the stoves while I am there and I think OMG I got such a freaking good deal after I look and feel the difference in ANY of the stoves they have there that is under $2100.
They all seem so flimsy and cookie cutter, the NXR feels very solid its somewhere between 325-350# we had a hell of a time getting it into our house.

I still haven't seen any stoves that come close to the NXR that sell for $2100 or less.

Yes I do have the LG Extenda Vent MW and so far it is excellent, as a MW it works great and as a Vent is works just fine for us.
Would a nice 600CFM Hood be better? Sure but in our case would have been almost impossible and cost A LOT more and we wouldn't have a MW because no place to put it. So as far as we were concerned not an option.

So the 400CFM LG, which is rather quiet, and works better than any other MW vent we have seen was the perfect solution for us and was only $395.00 shipped to the door.

I also hated all the standard low budget range burner configurations, I did not want one nice burner and one fair burner and 2-3 useless ones.

So as long as it isn't damaged in shipping, I would check it carefully before the drivers take off BTW. Then you should be good to go.

I also refused to buy a stove with an electronic panel that controlled every function.

From what I have seen to get a stove that is at least as nice as the NXR you would have to spend a $1000 more.

Good luck with it, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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So are you happy with your NXR? Which one did you get? From

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I got the older model, NRG3001 30".
Bought it from some place in Tampa Florida for $1799.00 delivered.

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I purchase a 30" NXR in Sept 2011. The range had a problem with one burner ignitor continuing to spark after the flame was lite. I did all the tests I could such as testing polarity, ground, looking for construction dust or whatever on the burner assembly. Called the Duro Corp, and a local repair facility determined a new burner assembley was needed. I'm still waiting for the burner. This company does not have any parts facility in the US and relies on shipments from China. Rather odd the the burners come from Germany and a few can't stop in the US. Kinda get the run around from Duro. They don't seem to know when shipments leave or are due to arrive. The stove has been great overall but is only a three burner for us. Don't think I would go this route again due the poor support.

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I doubt support would be any better from any one else in general.
At least they are sending you a new one, just slow at getting it.

It almost seems as though support from most companies depends on whom it is you get on the phone at the time.

I have had really good luck lately though.

My 30 year old Fenwick Flyrod broke on me a few months ago.
I called the company to see if I could get a new top half, but each rod is made from a single blank so other top halfs would not fit so they don't make them. Especially for 30 year old models.
Once I stated that it broke while I was fighting a fish he immediately offered to replace the whole rod for free, just pay shipping of $9.
So I got a brand new $200 flyrod after 30 years of hard use for $9.

Our new Kamado style ceramic BBQ we just got a few months ago, I used it one time and the inner firebox developed a hairline crack. I am still using that same firebox now, have used it at least a dozen times or more and it hasn't gotten any worse and very well may last just like that for another 10+ years.
However I contacted the company by email, received a response from the Executive VP of the company within a few minutes. I sent a picture of the crack in first email.
She said give us your address and we will send a new one out to you TODAY!
I sent my address, and a new one was in the mail before the end of the day.
Took 6 days to get it but still, within 5 minutes and 2 emails I had a new one being sent.
I know have a replacement firebox sitting in storage for when that one finally becomes unusable which could be many many years from now.

So Fenwick fishing rods and Vision Grills I have had outstanding service from this year.

Our NXR has yet to need any service so I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

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I've had my NXR 30" for about a year and a half. Recently the left rear burner jammed and needed a valve replacement. I have an extended warranty which covered that service, but it turns out that what caused the jam was mineral buildup inside the gas tube that feeds that burner, probably from moisture entering through a pinhole. The warranty company found out that it is considered a manufacturer's defect and they will replace the part and cover the cost of in-home repair. I am waiting on parts which do take rather a long time to come. Other than this issue, I am really happy with the range! Cooks like a dream, cleans easily, love the LACK of electronics.

I recently got an email from Costco that they are selling NXRs online in the US now, so that was a promising sign to me that they will have more support available in the US.

Here is a link that might be useful: NXRs at Costco

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I am *just* about to bite the bullet and get one at Costco. Not a member but I think it is worth it to join. I called them and spoke with them about their return policy, and she said it is basically open ended, if anything goes wrong and you want to return it at any time, even after warranty. That is peace of mind for me!
They don't sell the lp one, though, so I have to buy the kit from another site...does anyone know if that will be a pain for the installer to put on?

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Costco return policy is what we used to expect from any reputable merchant. I'm a chronic old fart so I am qualified to say things like that. But, actually, I have decades of experience in returning Costco products that did not work out. The Costco policy is what was reported.

Some west coast friends of mine from my restaurant days --- we were kitchen drudges not owners --- bought an NXR for remodeling a Victorian. I have only seen pictures and have no hands on experience but they report the NXR is as solid as the old commercial Garlands that we used to slave over. And, for Nunyabiz, Garland used to subcontract the residential stoves to Prizer-Painter. When Garland got out of the residential stove business, Prizer-Painter began selling the same stove under the "Blue Star" brand name.)

As far as converting an NXR to LP, it should be pretty easy. It is with many gas stoves. Just be sure you read all of the instructions, verify that you have the right parts, and then take your time in adjusting the flames.

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