Can I do a toe kick vac without a central vac system?

mscajunpieOctober 28, 2008

I would love a toe kick vac (vac pan) but I will not have a central vac system. Is it possible to still have a toe kick vac and what would it hook up to?

I did a few searches and could not find an answer.

Thank you,


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You can rough in the outlets etc for FUTURE use. In fact that would the route to take for down the road.

Installing a toe kick vac won't work NOW because you need the suction & electrical hooked up to the central vac.

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You can do the mini-central vac system - which is a shop vac hooked up to a toe kick vac-pan. If you have a crawlspace under the kitchen - it is pretty easy and cheap to do. They talk about it in the kitchen forum. The vac-pan has a low voltage switch so you could use a relay but it is easier to install a wall switch near the pan and just leave the vac-pan open. The vac pans are pretty hard to open anyway if they are in a toe kick. Turning on the switch would be just like hitting the switch for the garbage disposal. You can buy a $50 shop vac for this purpose.

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Thanks David..I learned something new today..

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I learned about using a vac pan with a shop vac from the kitchens forum. We just put the shop vac in the basement. The toe kick is very easy to operate and I can even operate it barefoot. It's great and I use it daily. I bought the vac pan on Ebay. good luck to you!

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midwestmom - the vac pan is easy to operate barefoot - it is with shoes that it is a problem. And that is only if it is in the toekick. If you have it on a flat wall - it is much easier. The toekick hides it and it is hard to know where the switch is - but if your feet are bare then you can feel it.

Too bad - because the toekick hides it so well for aesthetics.

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I'm certainly impressed. Doesn't everyone just hate dust pans? I'd love to see pictures of your vac pans, please!

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david cary - my vacpan is in the toekick, in my kitchen. mine is just as easy with shoes on to operate as it is without. you just swipe your shoe across it and it kicks on. my toekick does not hide it at all, it's perfect there.

neesie, i'll see if i can fine some pictures of mine for you.

mscajunpie, if you post this topic in the kitchen's forum there will be lots of people that tell you they have it and I'm sure they have lots of pictures.

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mscajunpie, starpooh from the kitchen's forum has a "Finished Kitchen's Blog" that is amazing. You can click on categories on the right, then click on special features and you can choose vacpan then search for pictures. good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKBlog speal features vacpan

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I sure loved mine in the last house! I'd planned to do it in kitchen and laundry room (where the dog will eat and sleep) but the VacuFlo installer convinced me to try the Vroom in those places. Hope it wasn't a mistake -- I thought the dust pan was extremely convenient. Yes, it's a little awkward in the toe kick but not a huge problem considering the trade-off.

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hostagrams - I have not heard of a Vroom, what is it?

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Vroom is a mini-vac mounted inside a cabinet. It's connected to the central vac system and is made so that you can pull it out for quick pick-ups without getting out the whole long hose and attachments you'd use for regular cleaning.

Until I looked again at the video (link below) I didn't realize that there is a Vroom that can be mounted independent of a central vac system. You might want to check that out!


Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a Vroom!

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