Deeg, question about GE and Samsung please

illinigirlNovember 20, 2013

I was out shopping appliances (again) today and the appliance guy told me that as of two years ago GE's fridges are no longer made by Samsung. He was telling me that GE essentially severed ties with Samsung and moved everything to their brand new (at the time) Kentucky manufacturing site.

Is this true?

Also, if I may so kindly get your advice about the following:
KA Architect 29 cubic feet full depth french door vs GE Cafe same size full depth french door

GE vs Elux (wavetouch) 30" double ovens (as much sense as it makes I don't think I can fit a single oven plus speed oven into the budget so it has to be double ovens)

I was frustrated today with appliance guy pushing Thermador rangetop and GE everything else today when I specifically told him I wanted Wolf rangetop and Elux double ovens. He just kept going on about the thin metals Elux uses compared to GE and how great the GE service will be and how the quality is superior to Elux (he specifically mentioned hinges)

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My GE Cafe 25 cf is a beautifully designed, beautiful to look at, noisy as hell unit. GE has been out three times to fix the buzzing noise, I can hear it from 30 feet away in the foyer. They offered me a discount if I bought a new unit from them. I gave up and I try to not hear it anymore.

I love the Cafe dual fuel range and convection microwave though. Very nice.

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bump for Deeageaux please!

Anyone else is welcome to chime in too, ty!

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I have not read anything to confirm this but

GE no longer makes refrigerators in Mexico and Samsung does not have a refrigerator factory in the USA.

Look at the factory plate/sticker inside the refrigerator compartment. If it says Assembled in the USA it is a GE design. If it says Made in Mexico it is a rebadged Samsung.

Walking through an appliance store recently it looks like the Made in Mexico stuff is on sale/being discontinued and the new stuff is assembled in the USA.

BTW Sorry, did not know "deeg" was a "shoutout" for me :)

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heh, sorry about the mis-callout, i was going off of memory and I perhaps over-shortened.

thanks for the input on this. interesting info.

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