Please review my plans - help needed with bedroom arrangement

momto3kiddosOctober 30, 2011

Hi folks! This is the second time I have posted our plans for review. Hubby is getting into the planning with me now that our date for aquiring the land is drawing nearer. Yippee! We did have a study (AKA hunting trophy room) off of the foyer and a playroom in the left bedroom wing, but hubby wants to combine these spaces and put them near the rear of the house (off of the screen porch) so they will be easier to use when entertaining casually. Our home will be built on a 30 acre farm and we have 3 kids, ages 1, 4, & 6. The girls (2 oldest) will use a the jack and jill bath on the left and our son will use the guest bath. The guest bath is designed to be able to accomodate a parent in a wheelchair if necessary at a future date. A few things I am concerned about are long hallways on the left side, laundry room without direct vent to outside or any windows. Please give any feedback- it will not hurt my feelings. We have not used an architect yet, but plan to involve one soon as we are close to our ideal. I can scan my mock-up of the elevation soon. It will be traditional with a mixture of hip and gable roof lines, all brick. Thanks in advance!!!

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Momto3- If it were me, I'd ask Summerfield for some suggestions and see if you can get a little better flow with your plan. Overall, I like the plan, but some of the details need some work. It sure made a difference with my plan :)

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had time to tweak your plan ...

the bedroom hall , because of its location , will require lighting , but with the family room doorway at the end of the hall , and when the bedroom doors are open , it will get as much natural light as possible ...

the dryer vent maximum run for whirlpool and a few other models is around 50' , so the laundry location is fine ...

the ada bath needed revisions to make it easier to use ...

let me know your thoughts ...

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Hi everyone, new here. I was just wondering what the square footage of this house is. I love the plan as it has everything I want...but it looks very big. Thanks and glad to be here.

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I like summerfield's plan a lot, too. The flow is nicer and it's more livable than the original. There are fewer strange corners and the flow between the shared baths work better.

I was wondering how the square footage between the two plans compared.

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I was wondering what kind of doors for the girls' bath and where you'd put them?

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WOW Summerfield!!! Thanks! I told my husband when I discovered your post that the "floorplan fairy" just visited us. We are enjoying discovering all of the fabulous things you have done with our space. I am looking forward to digesting it all, and I will get back to you soon. I never thought I would be so lucky to have you redraw our entire plan. Thank you and thank you!

Cajun1 - My original plan was about 4700 sq. ft. (best I can calculate). I am not sure what this one is, but it looks similar.

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you're welcome Momto :-)

sometimes , when i am transferring plans , things get lost ... this was the case for the girls' bath doors and the square footage tag ... hopefully they will show up this time ...

let me know your thoughts ...

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Summerfield - There are so many things I love about your plan! I think you may be a mind reader. I was thinking of a vaulted ceiling and beams in either the living or the family room and a coffered ceiling in the other. We do have a piano I was hoping to place in the family room. I have two filing cabinets (the second hand $10 variety) that I need to "hide" in the office. And, I was hoping to find a spot for a freezer inside and a second refrig/freezer in the garage because of all of the produce and wild game we put away each year. Your laundry room is a dream and the laundry drops are ingenious! I also adore the huge window seat in the family room. This room will serve as a playroom as the kids grow, so I can see them all using that space to full advantage. The girls jack and jill bath works out just right. The centered living room really looks great and satisfies my need for symmetry and balance. The beams you have drawn line up everything so nicely. I also was dreaming of thicker doorways in the living room, and ta-da - you have already drawn them! I love that you put "his desk" on the side of the office that is not visible from the door - how did you know it will be much messier than mine? I love the drop area in the mudroom. Despite cubbies, I am sure I will need a staging area for things to return, mail, keys, etc. I love the size of the master suite. It was too big in my original plans, but I couldn't figure out another way.

A few questions for you...
Is the 16' dining room dimension excluding the bump-out? I need at least 16' in the main portion for a 10' table.
What are the rectangular things drawn next to the columns in the gallery?

A few requests...
Please remove the swinging door in the wet bar. No door is necessary.
We will need a small shower in the mudroom bath because hubby and kids come in filthy from outside. I don't think I need the mechanical space. In this area the WH is usually in a crawlspace and air units are outside, but there may be something I don't know.
A few things with the master bath/closet. I need space for a gun cabinet in the closet - not more than 30" wide. I also would like a "doorless" shower. I was thinking of staggered walls for entry to block view and keep heat in shower. The tub needs to be 6' in length. A dream item for me since I saw it as a teenager... a mirrored wall at entrance to closet. Let me explain a little more... when you open the double closet doors, just inside there is wall so that you don't really see the closet contents when the doors are open. I know that we never close our closet doors and we don't really keep a very neat closet either. I am not sure how to do all that in the space, but I bet you do!
I would like the screen porch and breakfast area to be a little deeper. I plan to have an 8 seater table in the breakfast nook, and I don't care to knock my knees on the chairs going to and from my room.
I love the built-ins on the inner wall of the family room, but my husband would like an exit onto the screen porch from this space.

Do you have any ideas for the exterior? I have a much more difficult time invisioning the exterior than the interior. I prefer very traditional design and would like the main roof to be hip. I have seen several exteriors that are similar, but not exactly the same. I just want to make sure we can acheive a balanced exterior. Our first inclination was to use a symmetrical exterior, but when we decided on the 3 car garage instead of 2, that became impossible.

Thank you and thank you again, Summerfield! Please take your time. I appreciate all of your help. If you are in NC and do this as a business, too, please let me know.

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Here are my intial thoughts on elevation. Please excuse my hand-drawn image. Computer renderings are way beyond my abilities. :) Ideas anyone?

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momto ...

thank you :-)

i am attaching a revised plan that addresses your concerns and needs ...

the dining room , as drawn is 16' long ... the "bump-out" is additional

the rectangular things are backless benches ...

due to space constraints , i revised the master dressing area to include a mirrored alcove with drawers below ... added cased openings to each wardrobe ... this way , you don't lose storage space , and the dressing area can have an orderly appearance , as the doors will be normally open ...

the tub was and is 6' long ... the 5' dimension was for the actual oval ...

enlarged the breakfast space and screened porch ... added a french door form the family room to the porch ...

reconfigured the mud room and bath area ...

added a 10' dining table at the dining room ...

please send me a private e-mail , and i can answer your further questions ...

let me know your thoughts ...

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Wow this plan is AMAZING! I just found this site and in one day, I've already learned so much!

It's been so difficult to find a plan that fit our needs as perfectly as this. Now if only it was 2,000 sqft less so we could afford to build it! SummerfieldDesigns you are veeeery talented.

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mrstiffany, this plan could be a great house and be quite a bit smaller, if you want to pursue that possibility.

For example, the kids' bedrooms are 12x15. I used to have a master that size--12x12 is still a nice sized room. We had an 11x12 bedroom in a previous house and it wasn't too small. (The 10x10 bedroom was too small.)

The laundry room doesn't have to be as wide as it is, if the guest bath wasn't wheelchair accessible, it could be narrower.

This plan has two large dining areas and two large living areas--that's a lot--one of each could be decreased in size. You get the idea.

(I am not suggesting the OP do this--she wanted a big plan.) Of course, if what you *want* is a 4500 sq foot plan, but can afford 2500, well, then, there are compromises that need to be made...

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Thanks bethohio... We are setting up a meeting with an architect soon and I plan to show him this. We only need 4 bedrooms (which like you said I want to cut down in size), and also cut out the dedicated dining room, I just want an 8 person table off the kitchen to serve as our dining room. Possibly move the office space to where the dining room currently is then move the entire right side down. We want some of the more expensive features like central vac, foam insulation, etc so we're trying to keep our sq footage under control so we can afford all of that. 3,000 livng is what we're (trying to) limit ourselves to.

I just love the detail and all the ideas brought forth with this design. I've been looking at plans for 2 years now and haven't been able to find one that positioned all the rooms just right like this one.

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Hi Mrs Tiffany - I know you must be excited to get the ball rolling as I am, too! One thing you may want to consider that was in a previous iteration for me was to have the family room (AKA Playroom for now) behind the fireplace with the bedrooms all off of this room. This minimizes hall space and would allow for a smaller living room because traffic would only need to flow down one side or the other. If you don't mind a front-load garage, you could remove the dining room altogether placing half of the garage in this space and using the guest bed space for an office. If you are interested in "squeezing the center of the house" you could move the kitchen forward to the dining room and have breakfast area where existing kitchen is. Just a few thoughts. Keep plugging away. When you see the right plan for you - you'll know it. It is amazing with all of the plan searches available online that it is next to impossible to find one that fits your needs, but I felt the same way, too. Summerfield has been a big help to me. Maybe he can give you a hand at some point, too. Best of luck!

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Thanks Momto3kiddos... I love the placement of the playroom. I have 1 kiddo so far with hopes for 2 more if I'm blessed with more. I like the idea that the kids have a whole wing of the house to make all the mess and noise they want. I work from home so I also like having a dedicated space away from the center of the house so maybe a front loading garage would be ideal instead of moving the office. Yes I'm very excited about getting the ball rolling. I've been in limbo mode for too long and I'm ready to start taking some steps forward. Looking forward to tracking your progress also

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I also think this plan is AMAZING and is very similar to a plan we are considering (see my post "Seeking suggestions on floorplan 11-17-11"), however as expressed by mrstiffany, the plan is also too large for us.

I am offering another challenge to Summerfield, the master of house plan design. Every plan I have seen Summerfield tweak has been INCREDIBLE. How would this plan flow if the following changes were made: Make the office the laundry room, the guest suite a smaller office, the laundry room a full bathroom, eliminate the family room and guest bath, and also eliminate the bathroom between the girl's bedrooms. Can this be done, along with necessary room size changes, to reduce the square footage down to 2600 - 2700 and still maintain the flow?

Summerfield, would you be willing to consider these changes and also review my plan at my post noted above? Thanks so much!

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Momto3kiddos - how are things coming along with your plan? Summerfield has been silent, I hope he/she is ok?

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Just wondering if I could get
More information on this house plan? Or which architect drew this?
I love this!
Any way I could also get exterior photos?
Thanks much!

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Ashley - If you are asking about Summerfield, that poster has not been on this website for a couple of years.

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drool over this plan often, found in through pinterest!

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What an awesome floor plan. Summerfield can you please tell me what program you use to draw up your plans? You have some serious talent :)

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Hi all! It's actually my plan. We built this home and moved in summer 2013. We love everything about it. I will be happy to share the plan with you if you send a private message to me. You may be able to find pics on the monthly build threads from spring 2013. I don't think I ever posted final pics (moved in) but I would be happy to share.

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Hi there, what's the square footage of the finished house and do you have pictures??

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i believe i recall her saying she came in with a total of 5200sq ft.

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Can you please post more pictures of the finished home.
If available. I love the plan.

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Anyone have this plan? I love it and want a copy. Looking for something like this so my Mother can live with us.

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"Anyone have this plan? I love it and want a copy. Looking for something like this so my Mother can live with us."

Scroll up a few posts....

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I sent a PM but never heard back, don't know if she got it or not?!? I know that we will likely only build around 1800 sq ft or so, but i refer back to this plan often. drool :)

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My wife and I love this plan. Any idea on pics of the final outcome. Please share, we're building this year so this was a top plan on our list. Thanks Happy New Year

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Erin Gladden

I want this house. How do I get the plans?

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Can someone please tell me where I can purchase these house plans? Very interested. Thanks.

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Mandy Coffey

Has anyone had luck on getting this floor plans? I LOVE this layout, but need to make some tweaks to it!

Thank you!

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She and her husband designed or had them designed. I don't know that they are available. I've drooled over this plan for what seems like forever LoL!

There are pictures around of the final build around somewhere..I'll see if i can find them and link back so you all can see them.

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Wow! I dropped by Gardenweb to see what it looked like now that it is under the Houzz umbrella, and I am shocked to see my very old post on the first page. I will be happy to share plans, architect info and photos if you would send me a pm (if that's still an option). Divine-serenity - I have tried to respond to all requests, but it is possible that I missed yours. Feel free to request again. I am flattered by the interest in our plan. We do LOVE living in our new home. Right now I am helping my parents design a lake home from scratch. I may post those plans soon for feedback.

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I'm still learning the ways of the new garden web, I can't find a place to private message people. If anyone can tell me I'd appreciate it! How do you like the table height extension on your island? I've thought about something like that for accessibility and aging in place and encouraging the kids to help in the kitchen. Just wondering now that you've lived in it for a year if you still like it .

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momto3kiddos-do you by chance have a larger scale version of the house plan that summerfield did on November 11, 2011? I cannot zoom in close enough to see the square footage. My email is Thanks in advance!!

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4993 square feet....hold down the 'control' button and hit the 'plus sign' to enlarge the picture on the screen.

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lavender_lass-thank you!!

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yes, thank you Lavender lass, I never knew that trick either!

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You're welcome! MamaGoose told me about that a few years ago...invaluable :)

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momto3kiddos-Would you be able to send me your plan info? We are hopefully looking to start building next year and I have not been able to find anything resembling what I'm wanting until now. I think yours would be a great starting point for us to downscale and tweak a little. I'm new to this and don't know how to pm so if you can send it to me or I will give you my email. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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