Henckeles International at Costco

mrjonesNovember 3, 2007

Costco has a 10-piece set of Henckels Internatinal "Couteau" series knives. The box says the knives are forged in Spain. The set is around $180 (I think). Had been considering Wusthof Classic, but this price is so much better. Any insights on either?

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Here are some threads on Henckels in general. Maybe there is some info there.

It does sound like a very nice set. I tried to find it online at Costco.com, but they show a different set.

Here is a link that might be useful: search on

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Years ago I was given a set of Henckels. A couple years ago I bought a cleaver and another Henckels knife to match the set I had. The new ones were made in Spain; the old ones were German. No apparent difference in quality so far. Mine have black wood handles with metal rivets. They never go in the dishwasher. I sharpen them with a small electric oil stone sharpener I got at a yard sale years ago. They keep their sharpness well, needing attention maybe once a year depending on use.

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If you access Knifeforums.com there will be plenty of posters who can give you detailed info. on the Henckels comparisons. Ages ago, I read that the International was a lesser quality Henckels than the ones upon which the reputation is based, but you can find out there if that is still the case.

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