what will they think of next?

earthlydelightsNovember 26, 2006

Egg Cuber 3-5/8" tall, 1-1/2" square interior, Clear plastic. Chill cuber, place a warm hard boiled egg in it, and screw down top until egg becomes a cube. $3.49

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You're a little behind the times. We discussed these, at length, several months ago.

There's also a thread at Harvest dealing with gadgets that touches on these as well, if you care to go look for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cubical Eggs

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here i thought i was living right in the present time!

i hang out for the most part in the garden forums and just recently starting perusing these forums. now i see that i missed a discussion that took place that long ago. i'll have to read the at length discussions on something that i just discovered this morning when i was searching a kitchen supply store seb site.

thanks for the link.


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I knew about the earlier thread & I still enjoyed seeing this because I had never, ever heard of cubical eggs and I'm just delighted by the idea. Is the one that you pictured currently available somewhere?


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I enjoyed seeing it also. I saw the previous thread but couldn't picture the actual gadget. Wow, everybody needs one of those--NOT.

Earthlydelights, as another gardener moving over to this forum for the bleak winter months, glad to see you. I needed a hobby to fill the time I usually spend outside in the garden. Decided to brush up on my cooking.

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nina, it is available at a kitchen supply store that is located in the italian market section of philadelphia. it's called fantes and they do have a web site. i too had never heard of it or just couldn't believe it when i came across it.

as directed, i went and read the previous thread expecting a major discussion but it was pretty much a discusssion between the same few people and comical at some times.

bean, i was bored on night, nothing much happening in the garden forums and stumbled around here. it's so nice to see this side and get some get feedback, ideas and recipes. i'll soon start preparing to winter sow,so at least i'll be able to keep my hands in dirt.

be well,

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This isn't a gadget but a cool thing to do to eggs if you like to serve them to guests.

Hard boil the eggs. Then roll them in your hand to crack the shells without removing any of the shell.

Then, soak/marinate them overnight (keep the shells on!) in a mix of soy sauce and strong brewed tea.

When you peel them they will look like marble eggs! Your guest will stare at them and poke them and ask "Are these to eat??" Everyone will get a giggle out of them.

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Those egg cube things make the rounds every few years. I know I bought one for my sister over 25 years ago.

Another vote, though, for shopping at Fante's--great place to visit if you're at the Italian Market, and their website is fabulous--informative, and they have everything a cook could dream of ever needing or wanting. Reputable, old company that's safe and courteous to deal with.

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