Using an induction stock pot on a regular gas cooktop?

lynnalexandraNovember 18, 2009

Hi. I bought a kitchenaid 8qt stockpot on Ebay. It looks wonderful but when I got it, I found that the bottom is quite thick and it is induction ready. I just have a regular gas cooktop. Can I use this induction pot on it? And what effect will this thicker bottom cause? take longer to heat? hold heat longer? Are there disadvantages to using this pot for non-induction purposes?

The ebay listing never mentioned it was induction cookware. If that is less than optimal for my uses (often boiling pasta, popping popcorn, sometimes making stock or soup), than I'll give it my friend who has induction range - and get myself another pot.

Any advice?



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Makes no difference if its induction ready--you can use it on gas or electric. It just matters the other way--if its NOT induction ready, its good for ONLY gas or electric. A heavier weight pot is, in general, better for cooking. So, never fear, go ahead and use it for whatever.

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Fori is not pleased

I agree. It'll be good for everything but the microwave. :)

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Thanks. Now I can go ahead and enjoy it. I appreciate the quick responses. Lynn.

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