Nicer Dicer

RatherbgardeningNovember 27, 2005

Just saw this infomercial today and wondered inf anyone has tried it.

I'm also curious about their spice grinder. I've been looking for a good one. The 2 I have aren't very good. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nicer Dicer

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I hadn't seen the infomercial but watched the video on the link you gave. It looks so easy to use that it makes me wonder how much strength you really need to push down on the handle.

I'd also be interested in hearing if anyone has tried this.

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This must be an improvement on what I bought 20 years ago at a garage sale: a "Veg-O-Matic food preparer". It has 2 cutting inserts that have bands of sharp blades that are wrapped back & forth to form 8 rows of blades. The 2 sets of blades can be placed perpendicular or parallel for different cuts. I have to position myself above it and push down really hard to push the food through the blades. The Nicer Dicer is apparently "nicer" in that it uses leverage and would be much easier to use than my version. Mine does make easy french fries or slices.

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I had forgotten about the Veg-O-Matics. It's so hard to tell how well they work when only seen on the infomercial. For all we know, they steam the vegies ahead of time to make them easy to slice. I have a gadget for cutting fries and other vegies, but it has always been hard to use so I don't use it. It uses the same principle, but has a completely different shape.
I wonder if the Nicer Dicer is too new for any comments at this time.

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I recieved mine in the mail yesterday--I had hoped to get it for Thanksgiving Dinner. I haven't tried it as I have too many leftovers to be venturing into new food prep.

I will report back my experience.

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Thanks Mustangs, I'll be eager to hear what you think of it, especially when used on carrots or other hard vegies.

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The demo started out positively. I cut half of a potato using the larger blades. It was really just one down stroke. This would make nice (but short) french fries. Next I tried the smaller blade to make match stick fries. Using the smaller blade required brute force. Then the potato got and I couldn't get it out. The blades are sharp so I had to be careful. Here is the results from both
It will do large julienne easily but not match stick size.

I couldn't figure out how to dice; this is my attempt at .

Bottom Line=Do Not click "add to my shopping cart"! Because I am saving you money and to recoup my investment, I would appreciate everyone sending me a dollar!! LOL
I wish I would have tried the new Hamilton Beach Change-a-Bowl for about $10 more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Try This

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Thank you for your honest report. Guess I'll skip that purchase. My hunch was that it was too good to be true. I was looking at a mandoline (sp?) today, thinking I should just get a better one than I have since they've been around a long tiime. The one I have is a cheap one and does an ok job, but I'd like a sturdier, safer model.

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I've got something similar- the Alligator from Williams-Sonoma. Mine doesn't have the bowl to catch things, but works pretty much the same way. I do like it- especially for onions. I think the secret is have it below waist level (better leverage) and to dice, cut slice the onion in layers, then put it on the dicer. Just be careful when it's apart- those blades are SHARP! Learned about that the hard way taking it out of the dishwasher.

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Update: I have quickly and effectively diced onions. I cut an onion in half, placed it on the grid, slammed the cutting blades down, and I have diced onions. I haven't tied a tomato but will and I'll report back.

I watched the short video on their website hoping for more clues on how to dice different items but it wasn't helpful except the snippet on cleaning the grid.

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