New Miele DW

dan1888November 7, 2012

This model has a 23 minute cycle. But a $4k list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Futura Profiline

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that's just outrageous..i have a miele and i love it, but i hope no one buys it..that's just highway robbery. i don't know how anyone, miele included, can justify that price. it is after all just a DW..

wow, i'm still reeling.....

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This link might enlighten you. This is a semi commercial dishwasher which needs a 240V hook up. It can sanitise at a very high 185 degrees and can be run up to 5 times per day. It also has a much more powerful circulation pump which is 2 1/2 times stronger than the domestic model.

Here is a link that might be useful: Press release

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Sounds ideal--except for the price.

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ok, that makes more sense...thanks for enlightening me mr. wash

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DH and I had the chance to see one of the Miele commercial DW's in action at the official opening of their Scottsdale showroom, and it was extremely impressive. For anyone who does a lot of serious entertaining, these machines are the way to go.

However, not a lot of need for such a machine in my life, lol.

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We have one of these units in our cooking school and I have to say it's really good, we don't have enough dish-washing for a Hobart at $8k+, and yet to much for a standard dishwasher unit with long cycles.

So whilst very expensive in the right situation its good value ...... if that makes sense.

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My Miele DW was a dismal unreliable failure. Even after Miele sent in their in house expert to repair it. I failed.

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Did you ever get a replacement from Miele? What happened to your DW after the in-house guy worked on it?

Such a bummer!!

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My first Miele was a lemon - but it was replaced with a new one and has been great.

I think the first one was damaged from an incompetent repair person - Miele fired the company from repairing their DW and now send a factory repair man in our area!

I was not planning on another Miele - but after looking at all DW and talking to many - I stayed with Miele and have been very satisfied.

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It's frustrating that most of the world can buy dishwashers with this same basic specification for modest prices, but nooooo not here in the US where everything has to run on 120v electricity. In Europe, dishwashers are normally hooked up to the cold water line, and the powerful 240v heater quickly warms the water before or during circulation. Not surprisingly, they're much faster. Dishwashers sold in the US also (usually) heat the water, but it takes almost a minute to heat the water one degree F.

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