Pressure cooker problems

zeeeNovember 30, 2007

I have recently purchased a pressure cooker, a Fagor Duo 6 quart. I have used it twice so far, and each time I find that the food burns to the bottom of the pan. The food cooks properly and is tasty, but the pan has burnt on food that is very difficult to clean.

What am I doing wrong?

I have a glass top electric stove. Does this need any special way of cooking?

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Your pressure cooker is a stainless steel one with an aluminum clad disk bottom. Too much heat is getting around the disk bottom causing hot spots on the inner wall which makes food stick. Try adjusting the heat. Once the right pressure is obtained you must lower the heat just to the point where the cooker maintains its pressure. The link below better discusses this issue.


Here is a link that might be useful: SS disk bottoms

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I have a pair of the fagor duo's and just like above says, the minute the hiss starts turn the heat way down. I have a 1-6 on my heat, I start at 6 and soon the yellow button pops up, followed shortly after with the hiss, at the his I go down to about 2-3, if hiss stops I up to 4. Also you are using the recommended amt of water?

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Oh great, I just bought this pressure cooker,Figor. So Thanks for the Tip on how to use it. I sure hope this is not a constant problem. razenette

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I bought a TRAMONTINA 6.3 Quart, and after about 15 uses the blue bakelite valve melted and shot potato all over the kitchen. The potatoes that were left in the pot were delicious, but the pot is history. QVC stood behind it and I am getting a refund. I called Tramontina, and they said this was the first time they have ever heard of this happening. They said the valve, where you set the PSI pressure, and open the steam release, should not melt unless it went above 400 degrees for an extended period of time. I guess I wasn't allowing it to cool after getting to the correct pressure. No one ever explained that as soon as the red thingy pops up the pressure is ready. At that point lower the temp immediately. Also don't start with heat above MEDIUM. Put it on MEDIUM and wait for it to heat, then lower to low/med. Learned the hard way! I am buying a larger TRAMONTINA 8 quart. I think that will give me more room so I won't overfill it by mistake. LEARNING CURVES??? Any suggestions? Candy

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