Deemeyere cookware scratching

broodiztNovember 29, 2009

Hi all,

I have a question about Demeyere cookware. I just got a new GE Profile induction cooktop and I needed new cookware so I got a few pieces of Demeyere. It is scratching like crazy, even though I am babying the heck out of it. It is such expensive cookware, and I am trying to keep it scratch free, but nothing I do seems to stop the scratching. I am using the Demeyere cleaner, even though I am worried about the cleaner being somewhat toxic to people. (Does anyone know anything about this? I do rinse it like crazy, but if it is toxic I will stop using it immediately). I only use a soft sponge to clean it and it doesn't always get the stuck on food off so I boil it in water and vinegar. Sometimes I leave it in hot water over night, but a soft sponge still doesn't always get all the small particles of foodstuff off of it. I some times use the back of the blue scrubby sponge but not the green, but no steel wool. Dry it immediately. The only thing I can think of is I do use metal utensils on the cookware. Are you not supposed to use metal on stainless steel? Why is it scratching? Isn't it supposed to be scratch resistant? For about $200 a piece, isn't this stuff supposed to be easy to keep looking nice and clean and scratch free? You don't use teflon utensils on it, do you? I am so frustrated. Is it only me? I have read all the topics on this subject here but haven't really found an answer. Thanks in advance for any info on the above. Shellie

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Whoa, Nellie. That's cookware you've got there--pots and pans. Theyare going to look like you've been using them and if they don't, you're not. It's like a new car: the first dig is awful, after that you relax.

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