advice on new pans?

lauriecNovember 7, 2010

Hi all, newbie to this forum but figured it was best place to ask. my ancient calphalon stock pan has just bitten the dust ( aka - i carmelized apples on it yesterday making applesauce and forgetting it was on).

am thinking its time to get a new one - so what is your advice- calphalon again? other brands?



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Also check out the Cooking forum. But if you liked the Calphalon pan, I'd stick to getting another one. I know I like the few ones that I have. I have gotten them all at an outlet store, for a good price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooking forum

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Usually, I would recommend any 'triply' cookware, where the plies go all the way up to the top edge. However, it's not necessary for a big stock pot. Any stock pot with a thick disk on the bottom will be fine. Generally, the heavier the pot the better, as it usually means it has a heavier gauge stainless. With the disk, (or encapsulated bottomed-same thing) pots it's hard to tell how thick the sides are because they 'roll' the edges over (on the top edge).

True triply you can see the thickness of the plies on the edge. If you pour from the pan you might also look for the slightly curved 'pouring' edge. Again not needed in a big deep stock pot.

The 'Brand' alone doesn't mean much, because most big companies make different quality models. Also, cast iron is great for larger fry pans. A lot depends on the shape of the pan and what you use it for.

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What do you mean by ''stock pan'' and what will you use it for?

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