Mauviel 9-piece set from Costco

Why_not_meNovember 30, 2012

Costco is selling the Mauviel 9-piece set online (also the 8-piece) for what seems to be a great price.

I didn't know much about Mauviel, so we visited the neighbourhood high-end kitchen toy shop, and played with Mauviel and All-Clad.

The salesman said Mauviel is overpriced on this side of the pond, but is at least as good as All-Clad.

We'll be cooking by gas - Bluestar - and we are competent cooks (burn water when distracted, but can pull off a mean souffl� as required).

The All-Clad looks and feels "nice," but I don't much like the scooped-out handle - doesn't work with my hands, I suspect. We bought the 11" saut� pan, but I'm thinking I'll return it.

So - anyone use Mauviel pots and pans? Like them, or not?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mauviel set at Costco online

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At that price, I would not buy a set of anything. You can customize the items that you really need and get all sorts of wonderful things without getting a set.

Check the Cooking Forum, and ask there.

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OK, thanks.

But, correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the Cookware Forum for cookware?

I'll try posting on the cooking forum now.

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Yes, it's for Cookware, but it's a pretty slow moving forum. The Cooking Forum, OTOH, is active and full of very very good cooks who are generous with their advice.

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OK - thanks for clarifiying!

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