Staub arrived chipped and dinged

maggie2094November 9, 2005

Waaaaaa! This is my first piece of enamal coated cast iron cookware. I was so excited....but it arrived (QVC) with the enamal chipped (showing cast iron underneath) and lots of dings.

Does this type - either Staub or LC - chip easily? It seems people have these pieces for generations and I was surprised.

I am sending it back and trying for another one! Anyone experience this?

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I have a Staub from QVC and have had no problem with it.

Try again!!

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I got the TSV from QVC a couple months back...a Staub 2 qt round and it's a very nice pot although I think, for its size, thinner than LC. I suspect QVC and Staub are making a line just for QVC that is not the same quality than you would get if you purchased Staub's regular line...just my suspicion. Sorta like Home Depot and Wal-mart... I have this feeling 'cause the QVC hosts are always saying, "And you can't get this anywhere else because its made especially for QVC." Considering what I paid for the Staub, I'm pleased with my purchase. Sure wish QVC was selling that chicken Coq au Vin pot!

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I feel your pain, Maggie. I don't own anything from Staub (yet), but have been eyeing it on QVC for a few weeks. When I ordered my first piece of Le Creuset from Amazon, it arrived with pits and a bump in the cast iron. Since that incident, I have been reluctant to buy without seeing first. I now have 2 pieces which I bought in person, and really love them. They seem durable, but I do worry about chipping. (Whenever I see Emeril bang his spoon on the side of one, I cringe.) In any event, I think that QVC is good about returns and will refund your shipping costs since the product was defective.

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I'm trying again - QVC is sending UPS to pick it up - It could take up to 17 days before I get a new one...argghh.
I good portion of handle is chipped off and it didn't happen in shipping since there were no little pieces in the box - wonder how they let that one slip by quality control?

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