deep fryer - how to avoid food from sticking

snow23November 13, 2005


I finally got my deep fryer out of the box last night (been sitting there for years!). I deep fried some onion rings with a beer based batter ... All my rings stuck to each other the second I removed my frying basket from the fryer ... I fried approx a dz rings at a time. I must obviously have done something wrong. I always fry the old fashioned way & never experienced this kind of a mess. Is there a trick I should know of to avoid food from sticking to the basket like that (oil type, fying technique, batter recipe) ...If not, I will put that thing in the garbage - (Toastess, cool touch, lid with filter system).

Appreciate your input - thx!

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I have the very same problem when I use a Loose/wet batter on whatever food I'm frying.
I have tried lowering the food one by one very slowly into the oil, hoping that it would firm up bit. But the batter always seems to drip a little and wrap around the basket grates and makes it impossoble to remove the food without tearing it apart and making a mess.
It's so bad, I've taken to using a plain old pot when deep frying foods with a batter coating.


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