Miele SensorWash?

applnutNovember 14, 2013

We've had our Miele Diamond dishwashers since May and are loving them. They work great. I do have a question. We've used mostly the "normal" mode, with occasional forays into express, saniwash, crystal and pots and pans ... But I was wondering when it was best to use the SensorWash setting. I know what it does but I wondered if anyone with experience can say if it's better or worse at providing reliably clean dishes than the normal cycle.

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I use it as my every day cycle.

I don't think it provides more reliably clean dishes than normal but generally uses less water/electricity.

I made chow mein last night. A little piece of noodle was left dried on one dish. That never happened before on normal when I first got my La Perla II. But maybe the sample size is not adequate :) to say one way or another.

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I've been playing around with our Miele since August and have yet to try the Sensor Wash. I mainly use Crystal or Express (even with pans).

If it uses less water and electricity, I'm definitely going to try it. Our water price here near the Chesapeake Bay includes surcharges for it's protection. Plus, sewage charges have now added surcharges for over a certain amount of water usage.

Thanks for bringing this up. I adore our Miele Diamond.

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I did start using SensorWash as my everyday cycle, vs normal, and have been very pleased with the results. Very, very few problems (like, one thing out of every 15-20 loads) with items needing to be re-washed and a more variable run time that sometimes finishes significantly sooner than the "normal" cycle did.

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Great to know, applnut. I have a Diamond too and have never ventured into SensorWash land, preferring normal, pots and pans and express. Maybe I will try it! Thanks.

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