French door wall ovens

lynnwallochNovember 20, 2011

Any comments from purchasers of either the Blue Star or American Range wall ovens with french doors? Do you love them or hate them and why.

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A byproduct of natural gas combustion is H2O . . . gas ovens produce a moister cooking environment. Baking results are therefore superior to those produced in an electric oven. That's why you find gas ovens in French bakeries. Gas infrared broilers also out-perform electric broiling elements. Nothing cooks better than a gas oven.

French doors make getting things in and out of the oven easier - you don't have to bend over the door. These ovens have a definite commercail quality to them. Their total weight is much heavier than comparable electric ovens.

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I would not be interested in them personally. It is just a preference item, but I like the standard swing-down door for staging, resting, rearranging, rotating, and as a last-chance platform to catch a dropped baking dish before it hits the tiles. The door serves as a handy resting place and natural dropped food catcher; with French doors that role is played by your feet. YMMV.

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LynnWalloch, did you get your FD wall oven? Which one did you get, and why? I've been wanting the AR electric oven for about a year now, and we're getting very close to having to make a decision....

(And,FWIW LloydD, I specifically want the electric oven because I bake a lot of artisanal breads. While gas ovens may create a moister heat, it isn't possible to steam a gas oven -- because the gas combustion requires venting, the steam vents right out the oven compartment before it can work its magic on the crust....)

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to burntfingers: I purchased the blue star wall ovens with the french doors but have not yet installed them. My remodel will not begin until the end of February so will have to wait until March before I can give you a review.

If you are looking for ovens with french doors that are electric, American Range is the only manufacturer that I found that makes an electric oven.

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lynnwalloch-Do you like your BS wall ovens? I am about to order so I would love to get your feedback.
Thank you!

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I just had the ovens installed a week ago so still haven't cooked in them. We are waiting for a part for one of the ovens. They look great and I had them installed side by side instead of stacked. I am short so that configuration works better for me. So far I have noticed a faint gas odor and am getting ready to call the dealer to see if this is normal. Will post something when the remodel is complete so I can use the kitchen and oven.

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You notice a gas odor when the oven is off?

No, that is way not normal. If that's what's happening, turn off the gas supply to the oven right now.

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