my kitchen and kitten!

vacuumfreakJanuary 19, 2007

HI there. I just wanted to post a picture of the MESS my kitchen was in after I *tried* to make those Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls that were posted several days back. It was a disaster. I went into it excited, made the mashed potatoes, and even bought fresh yeast and cinnamon to use in the recipe. I didn't put enough flour in (because I didn't want to put too much), so the dough turned out not to be workable. I knew there was going to be a problem when I tried to roll it up and slice it. It was in a BLOB instead of a roll! I was so upset at all the time I spent I almost cried, and I certainly didn't make the icing. Maybe I'll try again in 10 years after my nerves have settled. That dough was like a blob monster that took over everything... I had it all over myself and everything in the kitchen. I'm sure it's a great recipe, for many people, but I'll stick to chocolate chip cookies thank you very much :O)

I have no shame... will you just look at this mess... and keep in mind that my apartment didn't come with a dishwasher so I was doing things the old fashioned way. How many hours do you think it took me to clean up this distaster?? I *guess* it's funny now and a learning experience!

And of course I have to show off the light of my life... my beautiful Jasper... 11 month old tabby... got him from the shelter when he was 6 months. If there's a such thing as a purrfect cat, this is the one!

Thanks for looking!

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Well, first I have to comment on Jasper...what a little sweetheart! No wonder he's the light of your life. Now, the kitchen and chocolate cinnamon sorry you didn't have success with them. I want to try them and sure hope I don't end up with a blob!

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Bobby, my kitchen looks like that on occasion too!
It took me a minute to figure out where you sink was, but hey, when you are creating a possible masterpiece, who cares.

Don't give that you know the dough needed more flour, try it again. SOON! The only way to learn is to keep trying, we've all been there. The salt rising bread I posted about yesterday, is the result of many failed attempts.

I love your kitty. My partner, Kim, and I have a chocolate lab mix named Roxie, that is our "kid".


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Bobby, Jasper is certainly a handsome young tabby, and not at all afraid of the camera, either!

As for those cinnamon rolls, when they were a blob of dough I would have kneaded in some more flour right then. Already rolled up the filling? I don't care, I'd have put more flour in and had cinnamon rolls made with cinnamon dough!

Yeah, your kitchen looks much like mine after the family Christmas party. So, you can't teach Jasper to wash the dishes? Well, at least he kept you company while you cleaned up.


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Thanks as always for the great and encouraging responses! :o) I should have added more flour, Annie! I had already put the filling on so I thought it was too late. I even crushed some pecans up with my new hand blender for the filling. I can't possibly have worse results next time, so I may try it again!

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Love the kitty! Send her here.

As for the rolls, one of the best things about this forum is that you can always mid-project yell for help. It often comes.

Please try again! Adele

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Bobby, Jasper is a beautiful kitty. Don't give up on the cinnamon rolls. You might also try using your food processor to do all the mixing and kneading.


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Really? I can use the food processor instead of the KA stand? Even without a dough blade? I wonder how that would work... I also wondered if I should have used the dough hook instead of the flat beater... I've had mixer 7 years and never ONCE have I used the dough hook!

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This is the food processor that I have. It's great... very powerful and very simple. And very old! I just had to order a food pusher for it and it's good as new! I have the slicer shredder disk and the regular blade, but no dough blade. I wonder if the chamber would hold all that dough!?

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LOL! I'm afraid my kitchen always looks like that when I bake - and generally all the cabinet doors are open as well. I haven't tried that recipe, but feel your pain.

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I learned a long time ago not to leave the cabinet doors open! I am very clumsy and would just bump my head all day long... And it just doesn't seem "proper" for me to leave them open, even if it's just during the baking process. I know it's my place and the cat doesn't care, but I envision an authority figure looming above with a menacing, "Be sure and close those cabinet doors!"

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Great pix VF. Yeah, my cinnamon rolls flopped, too. But I'm going to try again! Thanks for sharing your pix!

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Oh lordy - I'm glad I didn't try em - lol! I mess everything up! But at least we could have commiserated, huh?

Yep, if there's one thing I've learned around here, it's never give up. I've learned from my mistakes and now I am always EXTRA careful when sliding that pizza on parchment paper into the oven - well, you know - after the fire and all...

Jasper is a beauty - he looks very sweet and loving.


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The first time you make a yeast dough, I really believe you should do it by hand....with a bowl and a wooden spoon and on your counter with your own 2 you know what a dough feels like and so you can recognize when things are not as they should be.
Try again!
Linda C

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When I was little my grandmother baked bread almost every day, and so I learned by watching her. It's very helpful to have someone show you how to make bread dough the first time - I've been making it since I was 8 or 9, but I had good help in the beginning. I didn't use mashed potatoes in my bread dough, but I did always use potato water. Today I use a bit of potato flour or potato starch. I agree with Linda that it's good to make the dough by hand at first, so that you know what it is supposed to feel like. Alternatively, you can watch videos to help you learn. I used to make a recipe similar to Nancy Silverton's sticky buns (link below), but I used walnuts instead of pecans because that's what the restaurant had.


Here is a link that might be useful: Nancy Silverton video

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Bobby, what a great kit-kat! You are a heck of a lot braver than I to even attempt the rolls!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Jasper is beautiful, Bobby, love his eyes!

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