icons changed in my favorites

loraleeDecember 24, 2013

The computer shop was able to get all of my favorites on my new computer.

all except for an icon in front of each link there was always some sort of picture that represented the link. For example in front of That Home Site link is a tree.
All these little symbols are gone and it is just a blank box If I click on the link and go to the site and book mark it again the new book mark has this symbol.

Am I missing some sort of plug- in or other software. So many things need to be replaced that I have not thought of.

Or perhaps the little icon does not get saved when it gets transferred over to a new computer.

I had forgotten about Adobe until images would not open and the smart computer said I needed Adobe.

So I am wondering if there is some other soft ware that is missing that would enable this task.

I think I only have about 4 more items to put on the computer. But will need to call the software companies on these
Thanks again for your help.

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Hi loralee ,

Favicons missing

Rather than re-visit every site to restore the icon (which can take an incredibly long time) " download and run FavIconizer. FavIconizer doesnâÂÂt need to be installed " just download the .exe and run it. If you have a lot of Favorites missing their icons, click the Rescan all links button. If you have relatively few Favorites missing icons, click the Find missing FavIcons button.

See link

Here is a link that might be useful: restore-all-your-ie-bookmark-favicons-at-once

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PKponder TX

Mine disappear when I clear out all of my browser cache, but return as I visit the sites. Your new computer will replace them as you visit the sites.

I'm sure that Zep's referenced software works too.

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Thanks to both of you. Will get back to it after Christmas.


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Hope it's okay to chime in on this thread. I have lost many icons in my firefox bookmarks. Particularly odd thing is that each of my computers (home pc and home laptop, both running XP) and office laptop (running Windows 7), have different icons that are missing. Clicking to reset icon used to work (in the summer) but no longer does. (I have not synced xmarks on the three computers since September - having xmarks issues I'm also working to resolve - and syncing computers just adds to the mess. Don't know if xmarks issue is related to the missing icons - my guess is no, although issues seemed to be appear at a similar time).

Is there a similar program to restore missing icons for bookmarks in firefox? The favicon addons I used to use are have not been compatible for the last several iterations of firefox.


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Perhaps I am missing something, but other than being pretty what is the loss of the icons effecting? I'm sitting here looking at my FF Bookmark toolbar where three links are missing icons, and everything works just fine.


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Hi DA,

Thanks for pointing out that I'm missing some information. I use smartest bookmarks bar (although I'm not sure that that's what gives me this functionaltiy). I have so many bookmarks on my toolbar that I don't have space for all of them unless I minimize the space they take up be eliminating the name of the bookmark and only using an icon to identify it. This way I can fit 20-30 individual bookmarks or folders on my toolbar. Now that the icons have disappeared from some of them, all that shows up in the toolbar is an empty square made out of dashed lines. Unless I mouse over it, I can't tell what the bookmark is for. And mousing over all of them defeats the time-saving feature of being able to quickly find that bookmark.

For the folders, I have very brief abbreviations to identify them - but really need the functionality of individual bookmark favicons. I don't understand why some disappeared - like Tivo, slingbox, pandora,ebay, youtube, one of my dropbox folders (for office rental pictures) whereas the other dropbox folder link (for beach apartment pics) remains. Again, these are not necessariy the same favicons that disappeared on my laptops. The ones missing from the pc bookmark toolbar are different one each computer.


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Well - I know I had jumped in on this thread with the issue of disappearing bookmark favicons. After many months - and a snow day today, I did more research and found a solution. It's an add-on called Bookmark Favicon Changer. For a long time, I used it and discovered why it recently lost it's functionality. The develop had trouble with each firefox update (now that they seem to come every few weeks) breaking his add-on. There was more in the firefox add-on description. He still offers this add-on, but it has to be gotten from:


I did some reading first and this develop seems trustworthy and legit. I downloaded his most recent version of bookmark favion changer. Now when I right click on a bookmark, I get a menu of choices. With this addon, the choices include change favicon, reset favicon, remove favicon and export favicon. I just choose reset favicon and that works 95% of the time. Sometimes I have to go the site first before I can reset the favicon. In one case, I had another bookmark deep within a folder that was using the favicon I tried to reset. For some reason, I had to delete that bookmark(or it's favicon) in order to reset the favicon for the bookmark in my toolbar. Don't know why that favicon couldn't be used twice. I have plenty of other instances where favicons appear in numerous places.

Well - finally, after a disorganized mess of bookmarks (xmarks issues also took 5 months to fix), my bookmarks are synced, organized and mostly have their favicons. What a pleasure to have this working right again.

Hope this helps anybody else suffering from missing bookmark favicons. In googling, I could see I was not the only one experiencing this in firefox.


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