confused on the differences of cookware

chris3181November 11, 2005

Hi I am new to this forum I usually spend most of my time on the Kitchen forum but with that project finished I need a new past time :). Well I have been reading all the posts on cookware and I need some help! I am a bit confused on the Kirklands 2 different pot sets and of course the Sams club one. So here it goes. What is the difference with the Kirklands 11 pc Sitram Stainless Steel for 149.99 and the Kirklands 13 piece Stainless Steel coper bond 5 ply for 199.99. (I gave my mother these and she is in love with them). Then there is the Sams Club (Tamontina)11 pcs set which from all my readings is comparable to All Clad.

I am just soooo confused! I like to cook. I consider myself a good cook and I have been cooking on copper clad Revere Ware pots and aluminum clad Farberwar Stainless steel pots and misc junky skillets for the last 17 years. I wanted to pamer myself with a nice set to replace/add to my pieces. But is so overwhelming. Help to anyone who can provide it. Thank you

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