Disc storage for Cuisinart 20-cup food processor?

bluebirdnutNovember 25, 2009

Does anyone have any suggestions? Their disc storage units only accommodate the discs for up to 14-cup processors - my new XP unit discs are being stored in a bowl in my baking cabinet right now. I'd like to find a countertop storage unit that would fit these discs.

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I'd keep them in a drawer unless you use all of them every day. How often do you use them?

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I don't have a drawer available. I use one of the discs maybe once a week.

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Then your baking cabinet. I think that counter real estate is way too valuable to use to store yet another thing that isn't used daily.

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I'm mainly concerned about the discs getting damaged if they're banging around in the cabinet without being in a holder of some sort. My baking cabinet is rather "full". I know what you mean about counter space, but I have the perfect spot for a disc holder between the stand mixer and the food processor, underneath a wall cabinet, a space I never use as workspace anyway. Wouldn't you think Cuisinart would make a disc holder for their Professional series food processors?!

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Yes, I think you've pointed out a good need for such. Sorry I can't think of anything.

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The only thing I can suggest is a wooden platter storage rack. You know, the one with the pegs attached to a wooden base. Might solve your problem till you can find a Cuisinart storage unit. NancyLouise

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