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jxbrownNovember 5, 2005

I need a new set of pans for several reasons not the least of which is my new induction cooktop which won't work with most of the current choices. I've looked at the various induction capable stainless sets. Several people on this forum seem to like glass tops which -- of course -- only come in the higher end sets. Before I shell out that kind of money, I was wondering how fragile the glass tops are? I pretty clumsy so will I be replacing them regularly? Should I stick with stainless tops?

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I have 2 pots with glass lids....don't much care for the glass lid bit....
One pot I use for boiling potatoes or perhaps making a small pot of soup....and usually don't use the lid....
The other pot is a huge stock pot and thankfully I have a stainless lid that fits it. I much prefer being able to bang my lids around and stack them side by side in a lid holder.
Linda C

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'Ya know..maybe, it's just me...but I don't like the glass lids. I've got a couple stockpots with them and one saucepan. The lids are, of course, SS rimmed so I don't worry much about chips but I've got another complaint about them. They always seem to boil over. Now, now, I know what you're's just the pan and, maybe so, but they're two different brands and all of them do the same thing which is boil over. I now use one of the stockpots to mix potting soil in for my houseplants...much better use, IMO. :)

In all fairness, my glass-lid pots are inexpensive ones I picked-up to use on our boat. Maybe, the higher end ones are a lot different.

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I have a high end one and it boils over too....but maybe that's because I use it mainly for potatoes and pasta....
Linda C

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I don't like the glass lids much either.

jxbrown, I have an induction cooktop too. What kind did you get, out of curiousity?

Mine came with a set of All-Clad, and the rest of my pots are a mish-mosh of things. Some cast iron that I had before, some stainless I picked up at TJMaxx and Marshalls types of stores, an asparagus pot from Target.

I am not really sure how much you are wanting to spend.

I take a magnet with me for shopping and garage sales to check pans with. When I forget it and I am in a store often I can find magnetic chip-clip or some other magnetic item with which to check the pan i am interested in.

If you need a good-sized stock-pot, the Sam's club here has a 24 quart tramontina (I think) that is induction capable. It is about $50, and I would have bought one if I had brought enough cash with me that day. (DH freaks out when I put pans on the credit card, so I spend my own money).

I have a small steel fry pan that gets used a lot (not stainless) because it is pretty non-stick.

I am also clumsy, and I have not broken my cooktop yet, in spite of a couple of scares. I have, however, scratched the carp out of it by dragging things around. I am prety careful about dropping things though.

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OH! Light bulb moment! I caved and bought Wolfgang pucks line at BJ's when my kitchen was done (I know - I should have mixed and matched better pieces!) - but I was desparte since I threw out all the crappy Wearever I got as a wedding present 10 years ago.

The glass lids - omgosh do they ever boil over! I didn't realize it was the glass lids causing this - didn't know if it was the new stove, etc. Had a few scary moments! Does the glass cause more steam build up? What's the deal?

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I suspect that the glass tops' extra weight retains more heat and keeps the top of the liquid in the pot hotter which leads to the boil overs.

I bought the Kenmore Elite induction cooktop. Yesterday the electrician finally arrived!!!! I actually had a 40A circuit already in place for the cooktop, but I needed some other work done before installing the cabinets. I may have a kitchen soon.

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I have glass lids, but never have a boil over. I like being able to look into the pot without taking the lid off.

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I agree with Kris. I love being able to look in without removing the lid. And mine never boil over.

Deb in PA

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If I'm not mistaken, you can order glass lids or stainless to fit your pots if you get the right measurements. I remember there was a restaurant supply website that had both types. I agree sometimes glass lids are handy (like for gentle simmering making sure it's not boiling without removing the lid) but I have to say I love my Le Creuset saucier pan because it has a little steam hole that allows just enough steam to escape and thus never a boil over.

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