Makayla's Tea Party

annie1992January 19, 2007

I'd been promising Makayla a tea party, so I took a day off work. She, Mom and Bruvver came over and we made some tiny chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles:

Makayla carefully poured the tea, which really resembled chocolate milk:

Bruvver couldn't have the good blue willow cups because he throws things. He really mostly wanted the cupcakes anyway:

Makayla was a perfect hostess, she poured me a second cup:

Tea parties are always best sitting on Ummma's lap, and drinking "tea" together:

What a great day to spend a January afternoon in Michigan!


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Sweet! (I also prefer my tea to taste like chocolate milk.)

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Now that's the way to spend a day off from work! Nice to share in your tea party.

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How sweet! You're making me very sad that I have 1 1/2 grandsons who will probably never want a tea party with Nanny!

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A very charming party, indeed!

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Annie, that reminds me of the tea parties I had many, many years ago!

Looks like the perfect way to spend a day off!


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Annie that was so generous of you to take a day off work to be able to give Makayla the promised tea party. She looks like a real little lady "playing Mum" as the British would say. (The person who offers to pour the tea usually asks the others..."shall I be Mum?")

And I bet those cupcakes were enjoyed by all. Little Bruvver is growing up and getting even cuter.

You're such a good Umma! The grandkids are very lucky.


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Annie, I love love love the fact that you pulled out the good willow wear and let Makayla pour and drink out of it. I'm from the school that believes we should use our ancestors dishes and services as often as we can. Makayla will have these pictures forever and will so appreciate it one day.

Bruvver is getting so big. Time really goes by fast when you're having fun! I just want to kiss those little cheeks (Makayla too).

You are a great Umma! I'm taking lessons from ya!

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Annie you are the best Grandma! I'm always impressed by your priorities in life - you set such a good example for all of us. Compumom, don't give up hope - my youngest boy loved his little tea set when he was younger - of course, he wanted to give it away in last year's garage sale, but I'm not parting with that!

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That's VERY cute! While Makayla is a doll, my favorite picture is the one of Bud clearly having enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes!!

How wonderful of you to share your time with them in such a fun way!

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I haven't wandered over here in awhile - looky what I'm missing!

my, Annie, those kids are growing fast! They're as beautiful as ever, but if you figure out a way to slow them down in growing up, please let me know!

They're adorable.


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sharonCB, how could I possibly break a promise to The Princess? Besides, I used a vacation day from work, so I got paid for it. (grin)

Riverrat, that tea set actually belongs to Makayla, so what else could I do? We have to use them!

Bruvver didn't care about the tea set anyway, he only cares about food. He now weighs 2 pounds more than his "big" sister. As for kissing his cheeks? Well, he doesn't kiss much, he mostly pulls hair. The beast. :-)


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Annie, you're such a good Ummma!

Ellen, I was at an IKEA once with my then toddler nephew. We went thru the children's section and he spied a childrens table and chair set with child-size cups and saucers and he immediately sat down and pretended to pour tea. So cute. But then his Ummma (my mom) frowned and said that was for girls! Sigh.

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Hey, Ummma, what a grand tea party. How lucky those two little cutie-patooties are! Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like a great time was had by all! I love how you make time for the important things in life.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I'm with bruvver, those cupcakes look mighty good :)

Always a grand time with Ummma!

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Annie, you really are the best Grandma. Looks like everyone including Bud was enjoying afternoon tea.


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What a great way to spend the day ! I really need to get into Gallery more often !

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I am so glad I dropped by the gallery and saw these photos.

THey are both so darned cute! I love the tea party Annie. I can't wait for Lucy to get just a little older.


    Bookmark   February 25, 2007 at 8:19AM
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