Searching for a splatter screen that lasts!

summerstarNovember 3, 2012

We must be on our third splatter screen and it too is coming apart. None of these were made well. The screen comes apart from the rim within six months. Has anyone found one that doesn't come apart readily?

Secondly, have any of you tried the silicon types. Do they work? Seems to me steam wouldn't be able to escape easily.

I found an earlier post here about splatter screens, but the information wasn't really adequate; it was an old post from 2007. I'd sure appreciate your input. Thanks

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I also would like to find one that doesn't fall apart and keeps the grease from spattering. The ones I have found do not contain the spatters very well.

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Best one I have found I got from Williams & Sonoma, it is the one with a carbon filter sandwiched between 2 screens.
So very little spatter gets through, it supposed to cut down on smells also not sure if that works in the slightest and personally I do not care one bit. I WANT to smell my food.

Had for I think 4 years so far.

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Just saw a silicon one - might look for one for myself as I hate the big giant one I have now.
Like the carbon filter idea - is it easy to clean?

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Yes, can just throw it in the dishwasher

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Hi Nunyabiz,

I'm impressed that the splatter screen you suggested from William-Sonoma lasted four years. It doesn't look much different than the one I have that's on its last legs. It seems that they can't take hand washing. Pressure on it makes the screen come out. I don't use enough dishes every day to put it in the dishwasher every time I use it. I'm going to order one cause I can't find anything else, so thanks for the tip.

Regarding the silicon splatter screens, the only one I saw was very large and you may not like the size. And, why is virtually eveything made in China? Use to be we in the U.S. made the very BEST and now we have to purchase junk from out of the country. Sigh . . .

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Well it has worked well for us.
Couple of points, dont expect it to stop odors because it doesn't that I can tell.
All I cared about is that it stopped grease spatters and the carbon filter in it seems to do that fine.
Screen by itself is worthless to stop spatters.

Second, on the 2 bars that go across the top, I would take a pair of pliers and crimp the ends that go into the outer edge a bit more. One of the bars came out on ours after a year or so and that is what I did and haven't had a problem since.

I don't put mine in the dishwasher after every use, I imagine if I did then it wouldn't have lasted 4+ years so far.
I just stick in there once every month or two.
If you want to clean it that often, then use dawn dish washing liquid on a rag, wipe it down and then spray it with hot water and let it drain setting sideways in the sink.
the carbon filter takes awhile to dry.

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