annie and jessy update

bunnymanJanuary 2, 2007

Not the forum hotties but my little cuties.

This is as close as I can get to Jessy. It was a he until last week and is still a bit distrustful of me. He had to be knocked out at the vets in order to examine him. Fleas and worms but otherwise healthy... he lived outdoors all summer and won't let me near so he had to suffer the bugs for awhile. Front claws had to go. He ripped down five different sets of curtains by leaping and swinging on them. It will be a chore to capture him again in a couple weeks as he has a booster shot due.

This is Annie... pronounced Ah-nee. I was home enough over the holiday for us to get to be friends. It was only a week ago she first let me pet her. A very shy gal but she loves attention and now follows me everywhere. She still has fleas until I can hold her long enough to put the medicine on her. I had a couple grand in medical bills myself recently so her operations are on hold until the christmas tree money shows up.

I have two computer chairs and switch when one starts to hurt my back. The cats consider the unused chair theirs and it is often contested territory. Annie is the only cat in the house with claws so she wins everytime.

: )


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Very pretty. They look like they have been coddled housepets, not outdoors cats. Annie reminds me of my late Sheena. She would follow me around like a dog but did not like anyone else.

Jessy is a handsome fellow. He looks very regal. Kind of like our own Jessica -- who knows what evil lurks....

You are so kind and patient to bring these two along. Good for you. Love the cat hair all over the seat of the chair. Brings back memories. I think I need a cat.

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Michael, they have certainly grown up healthy and beautiful, you've done a great job with those too.

But what does poor Luna think of these two? And of course Annie wins, LOL.


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They are both so cute! Hopefully Jessy will come around soon and become your friend like Annie has.


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I love looking at cat pics and hearing about your life with them. I know how difficult it can be to get close to a cat that's accustomed to living independently outdoors. They are both lovely.

Our Tigger...isn't really tame at all and I think I've reached a milestone just having him let me pat his head in the mornings, when I find him sitting outside on the patio on a sunbed. I feed him and then he disappears, so no hope of getting flea medication rubbed on his neck.

Good luck with the medication for your babies. When a cat has my chair I tend to sit on another hard chair until she decides to move.
They really own us don't they.


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Luna is not always certain what to think. One moment she is hissy and the next she is cuddled up washing them like a mother cat. At the moment Luna is chasing Annie around my livingroom because Annie pounced on her tail. Suzy is banished to the outdoors because she beats up on Luna. Luna has no claws so it is not a fair fight at all. I'm going to leave Suzy her claws so she can be an outdoors cat. Lots of field mice to be hunted. She has done an excellent job of keeping vermin out of my garage.

I'll win Jessy over. Jess likes to play pounce when I wiggle my fingers under the blankets so we have some quality time together. I don't push it. When Jess is ready we will be pals.

Yoko is still queen of the house and the only cat to sleep with me every night. I swear she can say my name... "meyekh" which is close to mike as a cat can get. It was sort of freaky when she started addressing me by name but... well you all know I'm crazy anyways. She can't say lyra... just not one of her words. Yoko won't sit in mike's lap but let lyra sit down in a skirt and she is right there to claim her spot.

: )

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They are beautiful! What became of Suzy? I must have missed a post...

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Gee, I should read better! Never mind!

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LOL! You know I'm not in particular a cat lover. Not that I don't love my cats but they just happen to be mine.

Suzy is the blue eyed girl that I found starving on the street a couple years ago. About three days after I brought her home she gave birth to Annie and Jessy.

Suzy currently lives in my garage. I tried to bring her indoors but she took a dislike to Luna. Luna is declawed and can't defend herself so Suzy had to be put back out. I have a 10 acre homestead so Suzy has plenty of room to romp around without getting near the road.

My dear friend Tuna passed away a couple years ago. Every cook needs a fan club and Tuna was my number one fan and best pal.

Probably starting to confuse people with my cat names. I've had/have:
Big Fuzzer
Luna Looski "Lulu"

A girlfriend from about 10 years ago or so brought house cats into my life and I have come to enjoy them very much. Catheryn's cats were older when she moved in with me and they passed away probably before I was a forum member. I also had Benny the black lab and Foxy the Papillion dogs that lived with me at one time. Someday I hope to have a nice yappy high strung little Papillion again.

: )
michael & lyra

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I'm fascinated that the kittens born in your home with you there are skittish! I thought that was a feral thing, no human contact.

I love cats but my dad is so allergic he wouldn't be able to set foot in my house. He can't even be around people who live with cats unless their clothes are washed. My son is mildly allergic - needs claritin. So I'm enjoying the joys of cat ownership through you, M/L!

Just change your name to 'Moar' and all the cats will be able to pronounce it.

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Cute cats, though!

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Cute kitties - love their names!

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