Mario Batali cast iron

kbuzbeeNovember 13, 2005

Was out shopping the other day and ran across several pieces of enameled cast iron by Mario Batali. These pieces seemed very heavy and nicely enameled. They were also quite a bit cheaper the Le Creuset (6 qt casserole w/ self basting lid was $99). Has anyone tried these??



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I've not seen this cookware yet. I Googled it and love the lasagna pan. I could use that for so much besides lasagna. Cast iron in a lasagna pan is an interesting thought. The price point seems very good compared to LC or Staub. Could you please tell me whether the interior of the Dutch Oven is light or dark like the exterior color. Some of the Staub pots have a dark interior which I don't like. Did you happen to see a box that said where the stuff is made? It's probably perfectly good for anything I'd ever use it for...and I like the SS handle as well as the price.

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Tricia, The ones I saw were light inside. I agree about the SS knobs/handles AND the price. They "seemed" to be very high quality (actually nicer than Le Creusets I've seen (and the one I bought ;-( The lids seemed to fit as well if not better. I have no way to know how durable the enamel is but that is the only thing I would watch on these. They seem great. BTW - they were at Crate & Barrel if you have one near you.

Let me tell you, that lasagna pan is heavy. I mean VERY heavy. I've looked at a lot of cast iron recently and I was totally unprepared for this thing. And it's very deep. I like the way my lasagna comes out in my Le Creuset stoneware baker but this looks like a nice way to go as well.

Let me know if you try it.


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I'll be at Crate & Barrel on Black Friday..I'll check them out. Looks like LC is starting to acquire some competition..usually a good thing.

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I've never been a Black Friday kind of guy. How much are you expecting to save by trudging out early in the morning???


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I'm not expecting to save anything on Black Friday...:( That's the only opportunity I have to get a ride to the stores that weekend (I don't drive) and I have to pick-up a few things to get started w/Xmas gifts.

I received my Sur La Table Catalogue yesterday and they have a couple pieces of the Mario cookware. Unfortunately, it says "hand wash" which completely eliminates it for me. I wonder why it can't go in the d/w? Rust? Oh can be hard to get quality on the cheap. I'm going to look at it anyway but won't buy it.

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I hear what you are saying re DW but I only ever hand wash my Le Creuset. It cleans up very quickly! I know many put it in the DW but I haven't seen the need.


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Further to lasagne in cast iron- last weekend I made a pot of homemade macaroni & cheese (extremely cheesy). Since my glass pyrex had all gone for a walk & used my flat, round le creuset "tagine" pan (an early version with a flatter lid) to bake the mac-a-chee in. It came out fantastic! Yummy cheese crust on the sides & bottom as well as the top, plus it cleaned up like an absolute dream. No scraping out bakes on cheese as it pretty much sponged right off of the enamel. I can only imagine how delightful a lasagne baked in enameled cast iron would be, not to mention the easy clean up if the MB performs as well as the LeC.

I swore that I won't buy any more kitchen things until the kitchen is done & I see what kind of room I have. But I can live vicariously through all of you!


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The Mario Batali lasagna pan was pretty large too. More than I usually make. My Le Creuset stoneware oval gets 8 good sized pieces (and cleans up easily!). That's more than enough for us.

I'll have to try mac and cheese that way. Sounds great (actually all this Italian talk has me thinking manacotti!!! Hmm....)


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