Zojirushi Bread Machne, EXCELLENT!!!!!!!

nicole__November 26, 2006

We were at the thrift store and my husband says there's one of those zojirushi bread machines like you wanted years ago(I bought the Hitachi it was $100 less) and it's only $14.99. He says, "all those heavy wheat breads, you can program it for another 30 minutes rising time", "you can use bakers yeast from the health food store, not that expensive rapid rise stuff". OK! OK! I'll buy it!

It makes a "perfect" loaf of bread!!!!!!!!!!!!! The highlight of my holiday!!!!! I am so tickled!!!! LOVE this zojirushi!!!! and the bread is a normal size loaf!!!

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KA flour has been raving about the Zojirushi bread machines for years so I'm not surprised you like it.

Congratulations on your lucky find!


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Years ago I had a conversation with a woman who told me the best bread machine is a Zojirushi and wrote the name on a piece of paper. That was six years ago and I kept that paper. I never got around to buying it. I think I'll get it for my Christmas gift this year. Just reading these comments makes me want it right now!

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Just a cautionary note: I recently read that the new Zo's are not as good or as long-lasting as the older models.

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I won't use a bread machine a lot, so don't want to pay much. But I've seen them come up on Craigslist, so I hope to find a Zo there. I've seen plenty of lesser machines for $15, but I'll probably have to pay a bit more for a Zo.

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WOW good to know. I had a bread machine and it couldnt handle the kneading of the heavier whole grain breads. I would love one that actually works for whole grain breads.

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I have a Zo that I used for a number of years, though I seldom baked in it as I preferred a real pan and getting my hands in it.
It is an excellent device. I don't think I ever had a bum bread unless I forgot the salt.
I've moved on to a Bosch mixer now so I can do a couple of loaves at once.

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