Dual fuel cooktop

mjlbNovember 8, 2013

I'm familiar with dual fuel ranges that are gas burners with an electric oven. But are there also dual fuel ranges that have both gas and electric burners (and electric oven)? Someone mentioned that to me, but I've been unable to find.


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In the USA there is no dual-fuel range with gas and electric burners. There might be something in Asia or Europe I have never heard of.

There is one company that makes a dual-fuel cooktop. Their power gas burner has a higher rating than the two induction hobs and the gas simmer burner has a lower rating than the induction low.

No point in getting one. I don't know of a single person that has one.

I know one poster here bought several cooktop modules where one is induction, one gas, and one electric radiant deep fryer. And separate wall ovens.

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You prompted my memory: the person who had seen such a range mentioned Spain -- is that any help?

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I think some manufacturers (Wolf, Gaggneau maybe?) sell modular cooktops where you can pick and choose the types of burners you want.

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> You prompted my memory: the person who had seen such a range mentioned Spain -- is that any help?

This half gas/half induction cooktop is Spanish. Too bad the company that makes it may not live to see next week....

Alpes sold one a few years back; they're out of business too. I really don't get the point of mixed-fuel cooktops, and apparently neither do many others.

The usual way to do this if you want, as already mentioned, is to use modular 12", 15", or 24" wide hobs and mix and match as you like. Some brands, like Gaggenau, offer what looks like a rangetop with several slots in the top that accept either gas or electric cooktops (or other items such as steamers or grills).

There are some ranges that mix a gas cooktop and an electric grill. Smeg has one; I think they're some others.

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We had a Thermador 36" cooktop with four gas burners, and an electric grill/griddle combo in the center. It actually functioned quite well, and served us for 26 years. Not sure if they still make it, or one like it though...?

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